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Yu-fu-rong Hydration Cream Mask 250g-250g

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Key Features

Highly recommendedfrom Taiwan’s well-known beauty and cosmetic TV program such as “Woman Queen”, “Girl

s Secret”, celebrities and bloggers.

Cream + Mask latest autumn and winter top skin care choice

Taiwan’sfirst stated jelmask free of chemical preservatives.

The quality of the facial mask evolves to become“cream mask”, which is a combination of the cream and facial mask, to deeplymoisturize and penetrate the skin throughout the day. A formula rich withelements including marine algal polysaccharide, tranexamic acid, the butterlike creamy texture of the product can easily be applied to the face and createa hydro protective layer. This product, which produces silk-like comfort, cansoothe and moisturizes the skin completely. Putting on a coin-thick layered maskand let your dry skin from the summer heat or due to change of season becomeabundant with water and healthy like bathing under the oasis. Apply evenly onthe face for this will provide a hydro protective layer like the skin essencecream to improve the hydro-effects. The professional technique of “HighlyIntense Cream Texture” transforms the effective elements into easily absorbedmicro-molecules, which can be easily absorbed by the skin through our pores.This will bring enough skincare energy for the micro-molecules needed by theskin. The skin will become fresh and supple with abundant water once thenutrition is been fully absorbed. An immediate bright and shiny look can beseen after putting on the Yu-fu-rong Hydration Membrane for 30 minutes.

²   Marine algal polysaccharide – A deepmoisturizing formula derived from the ocean to moisturize every inch of yourskin and can lasts throughout the day; only natural extracts are selected foruse, this is the best choice for sensitive skincare.

²   Tranexamic Acid – The source to achievewhitening skin. Endowed with the soft touch from the revival hydro tonerthrough lasting moisturizing formula that brightens the skin to be healthy andshiny.

²   Multiple Moisturizing Ingredients – The keyfor the skin to absorb abundant water is to transform the effective elementsinto micro-molecules so that the skin can easily absorb these elements through our pores.

Use  Deirection

Step 1 After  washing the face, take appropriate BONANZAjel mask.

Step 2 Have  your facial mask on the whole face uniformly(include lip) and about  0.3~0.5  cm thick.

Step 3After about 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 4Use the scraper to scrape BONANZA jel mask thoroughly,then rinse with water BONANZA jel mask.

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Last Update : 2017-11-28
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