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Wild bamboo shoots shoots

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  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

 Wild bamboo shoots shoots

Itis known as the beautiful leg of Puli, and it is popular in Puli clean water.It is very popular with everyone. In recent years, we have adopted the"Duck Ecological Control Law" to keep you at ease. health.


<1>Pepper wild rice shoots bamboo shoots Weight: 100 grams

ProductCode: 4713327350302

Mainraw materials: fresh water bamboo shoots, palm oil, refined maltose, pepperseasoning powder (salt. Sugar. Black pepper. Maltodextrin. White pepper.Pepper. Amine acetic acid. DL-aminopropionic acid. Extract. Soy sauce powder.Silicon dioxide. Cinnamon.


Nutritionallymarked: (every 100 grams) (1) calories 485 kcal (2) protein 3.5 g (3) fat 20.1g (4) saturated fat 10.3 g (5) trans fats 0 g (6) carbohydrates 72.6 g 7) Sugar 27.1 g (8)Sodium 573.0 mg

  Shelf life: nine months


<2>Mustard Bamboo Shoots Cracker Product Specifications: 100g

ProductCode: 471332735031

Mainraw materials: fresh wild bamboo shoots. Palm oil. Refined maltose. Mustardseasoning powder [salt .L-sodium glutelate. Lactose. Sugar. White pepper. Blackpepper. Licorice powder. Mustard flavor powder. (Malt dextrin Alkyl succinateStarch. Mustard Spice .ß-Cyclodextrin. Fatty Acid Glycerol. Vitamin E.) Silica.


 Nutritionally marked: (per 100 grams) (1) Heat463 kcal (2) Protein 3.9g (3) Fat 16.2g (4) Saturated Fat 8.2g (5) Trans Fat 0g(6) Carbohydrate 75.5g 7) Sugar 30.5 g (8) Sodium 1940.0 mg

Shelflife: nine months


<3>fragrant bamboo shoots Product Specifications: 600 grams

ProductCode: 4713327119589

Followthe ancient taste of the four seasons are ready to eat, the best conditioningappetizers

Mainraw materials: fresh bamboo shoots, sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate


 Nutritional mark: (every 100 grams) (1)calories 76 kcal (2) protein 1.1 grams (3) fat 6.3 grams (4) saturated fat 1.0grams (5) trans fat 0.1 grams (6) carbohydrate 3.8 grams ( 7) sodium 864 mg

Shelflife: 1 year


<4>Mei sauce bagasse Product Specifications: 250 grams ± 10 grams Product Code:4719766000013

Themain raw materials: sugar cane seedlings, dried vegetables, peanut oil, salt,seasonings


  Nutritionally marked: (every 100 grams) (1)calories 102 kcal (2) protein 3.2 g (3) fat 5.2 g (4) saturated fat 0 g (5)trans fats 0 g (6) carbohydrates 10.6 g 7) Sodium 382 Hawk

Shelflife: 2 years


<5>Alpine dehydrated cabbage specifications: 250 grams

ProductCode: 2408050002407

Naturalflavor, water roll can be eaten

Themain raw materials: cabbage, carrots


Nutritionalmark: (every 100 grams) (1) calories 93.7 kcal (2) protein 6.7 grams (3) fat0.2 grams (4) saturated fat 0 grams (5) trans fat 0 grams (6) carbohydrate 83.1grams 7)sodium 92 mg

Shelflife: 1 year


ProductFOB offer $ 25 per pack $ 20 per pack(1) Order 900 packs per package US $ 5.34(2)Order 1,500 packs per package US $ 4.27(3) order 3,000 packages per package US$ 3.42yuan.

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Last Update : 2017-09-01
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