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WiGigHub - with Enclosure

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MilliTronic CO., LTD.
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  • Communication Mode : Full-Duplex
  • Function : POE,SNMP,VLAN Support
  • Products Status : Stock

Key Features

[ Product Features ]

Ideal for unlicensed band mmW networks, the WiGHub is powered by millitronic enterprise-leading wireless gigabit ethernet hub for the first/last mile . Bridging the growth of 5G requirements of wireless networks by software defined network and management. The WiGigHub can extend PTP/PTMP edge networking for high quality IP cam, PoE switch, CPE gateway, and provides the advantages of private ,security ,high capacity low latency, and extending wireless LAN and mesh without interferenced by 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi LTE.

Function & Benefits

Licensee-free operation in China / Japen / USA / EU
■ Low latency and no interferenced by Wifi and 4G / LTE / 5G
■ Millitronic virtual networking bridge technology between network nods
■ Smart beamforming for Field of View
■ Data throughput up to 1Gbps
■ Low latency <5ms for quasi-fiber performance
■ Maxium working distance up to 300 meters ( LOS)


Operation frequency 60GHz, bandwidth 2GHz
■ Compatible with IEEE 802.3
■ Tx radio power 14dBm
■ Rx sensitivity -80dBm@MCS1, -70dBm@MCS9
■ Power consumption < 8W
■ Operation temperature -20 to 50 degrees
■ FCC certified by Radio
■  RJ45 ( optional PoE)


■  Secure Management software provides HTTPS management access
■  Option for DHCP service

Easy to Use

No driver needed ,plug and connect
■ RJ45 ethernet interface
■ Rapid & flexible deployment

[WiGigHub Network Topology]

● Star Network Model

● Star Network Model

[ WiGigHub for Smart Factory ]

● Traditional Wired Configuration

● New Wireless Configuration ” PLUG and CONNECT “


    WiGigHub for Smart Factory

Last Update : 2020-05-29
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