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Whitening face cream,Skin perfection active cream,grace factor

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  • Feature : Lightening,Moisturizer
  • Use : Day,Night

Key Features

台灣護膚品生產商,OEM,面霜批發美白面霜,抗衰老面霜批發,抗皺霜批發滋養,W 打擊,保濕, 緊緻,亮膚,保濕,,修復  皮膚,暗沉的肌膚,滋養,優雅因素,慧耕



批發保濕, 緊緻,拉,R 修復,滋養 - Skinperfection活性霜


Brand Name :  grace factor

Supply Type :OBM, skin care products suppliers,face cream suppliers, anti aging face creamWholesale

Feature: Firming ,Pulling,Dark skin,Skin   repair, Nourishing,Brighting,Moisturizing

                      Whitening, Anti-aging                  

  Certification :GMP 

Main Ingredient : AcetylHexapeptide,Alpha-Arbutin,AgaveAmericana Leaf Extract,
                                    Sodium Hyaluronate

Effect : Moisturizing,Repair,Nourishing, Whitening, Anti-aging,Anti-wrinkles

Category: cream

Use : face,day and night

Skin type :All skin


capacity30 g


 Skin perfection active cream with powerful ingredients and moisturizing actives, they work together to replenish and fortify skin from the inside out, provides the skin with powerful antioxidant and nourishing moisturizing benefits.

 Precision anti-aging maintenance, a compact lift pull Xuanfeng wind

Custom goddess heart face, face gold ratio re-evolution KEEP live in 20 years old skin firmness

 Product features

Activate - to stimulate the skin of natural repair power

Repair - Repair skin horny barrier to avoid moisture loss

Build the muscle to provide the necessary energy for cell regeneration

 Skin perfection active cream Contains essential amino acids and energy elements, dilute fine lines, delay fine lines and wrinkles.

Unique pull cream cream type, refreshing non-sticky, with high degree of moisture, really open the skin to absorb the maintenance of the door, to deep nourish, pull and anti-aging effect.

The main ingredient

  1. Acetyl Hexapeptide:Prevent skin aging, for the wrinkles have been generated can effectively heal, and have a tight effect.
  2. Alpha-Arbutin:Inhibit the formation of skin melanin, blocking the damage of ultraviolet rays, to whitening, light spot effect.
  3. Agave Americana Leaf Extract:Can provide softening the skin, whitening conditioning, 
    moisturizing, anti-wrinkle effect
  4. Sodium Hyaluronate:Strong moisturizing ingredients, can quickly replenish skin moisture.


Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)


Last Update : 2018-11-21
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