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UPI-O2.5 hypochlorous acid disinfectant concentrated supplement bottle 10 bottles

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disinfectant Hypochlorous Box of 10 bottles


  • Concentrated refill bottle :  1 liter

Key Features

Product Name:Concentrate refill bottle

Features:High concentration supplement bottle, wider application fields, both environment friendly and economical。

Q: What is UPI-O2.5 new oxygen water?
Human leukocytes already contain hypochlorous acid. Therefore, the main component of UPI-O2.5 neooxygen water, Hypochlorous Acid, has no adverse effects on the human body, the environment, and food. .5 new oxygen water, which is most in line with the pH value of the human body, can be instantly sterilized, and the sterilization capacity is as high as 99.999%. Moreover, it is pollution-free and residue-free, and has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, efficiency, convenience and economy.

Q: Why can UPI-O2.5 new oxygen water sterilize and deodorize? 

Hypochlorous Acid, the main component of UPI-O2.5 neooxygen water, has a strong oxidizing effect. It can quickly damage the cell membrane of harmful microorganisms and destroy the spikes of viral proteins adsorbed on the cell membrane after contact with microorganisms, such as E. coli and golden yellow. Cell membrane protein components such as staphylococcus, tuberculosis, vibrio cholerae, salmonella, and bacteriophage. It can make it fall off, and can no longer infect pathogens, and it can be reduced to water immediately after contact with microorganisms and organic matter.

When processing the main components of general odor, the excellent oxidation characteristics of UPI-O2.5 neooxygen water can also oxidize and decompose these components in a short period of time, making it possible to deodorize gas, liquid, solid, space, etc. , Can achieve the purpose of rapid and strong deodorization under a safe concentration.
Q: Is UPI-O2.5 new oxygen water safe? 1. The main component of UPI-O2.5 neooxygen water is hypochlorous acid water, which has been approved as a food with sterilization and deodorization functions by the US FDA, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare of Taiwan. Additives. 2. It has received a reply from the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan for the exemption of environmental medicines. 3. Tested by outsourced Taiwan SGS inspection company and confirmed to have good bactericidal effect on microorganisms.
According to the test results published by the US EPA, the bactericidal power of hypochlorous acid is more than 80 times higher than that of traditional chlorine-containing bleach, but there is no problem of residual bleach after use.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Box/ Boxes

Last Update : 2020-05-22
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