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Trendy hand press system with detachable bucket spin mop set

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Trendy hand press system with twin bucket spin mop set


  • Feature : Eco-Friendly,Others
  • Type : Cleaning,Extensible,Magic,Telescopic

Key Features

  • Product Contents:
  1. Spin dry bucket (manual) with detachable bucket design *1
  2. Hand press handle *1
  3. Microfiber standard mop head *1
  4. English manual *1

  • Product Features:
  1. Manual press system, most recommend for oversea market and popular now.
  2. Microfiber material without scratching floors or any surfaces.
  3. Sunflower mop head suitable for car washing and window cleaning.
  4. All accessory usages will depend on your requirement.

  • How To Assemble Mop Handle?
  • How To Assemble Mop Head?
  • How To Use The Hand Press System?
  • How To Use Spinner?
A. Assemble Mop Handle – Screw all pieces of mop handle together.
B. Adjust Length Of Mop Handle – Leave the mop handle in the ON position and find your mopping length. Then switch it to OFF.
C. Assemble The Round Disc. – Please screw mop handle and round disc. together tightly in a clockwise direction
D. Assemble Mop Head – Put the round disc. on the mop head and press down vertically. Step on the round disc. with your leg until you hear a “ click “. The mop now is ready to use.
E. Adjust The Angle – Find your preferred mopping angle
F. Changing The Mop Head – Place your foot at 90 degree to the screw at the base of mop handle. Step only on the microfiber and do not on the round disc. Move the handle away from your body until you hear a “click”
G. Switch To ON – The handle must be in ON position when using the mop in the spinner. Incorrect operation will cause the damage of mop handle.
H. Dampness Control – Place the wet mop vertically into the spinner, making sure all the threads are in the spinner. Press the mop handle up and down to dry the mop. Slow down the press process and take it out of spinner. Do not force it to stop that might cause the damage of mop handle.
I.   Switch To OFF –  Change the “manual press switch device” to the OFF position when you need a fixed length.
J. Detachable Spinner – Left the handle of the spinner to unclip the spinner from bucket.
K. Correct Position – Make sure to place the wet mop vertically into the spinner.
L. Reinstall The Spinner – Place the spinner back into the bucket and clip the handle of spinner on both sides of the bucket.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 650 20' Container

Last Update : 2021-02-22
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