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Taiwan flavor candied fruit

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  • Packaging  : Canned

Key Features

   Taiwan flavor candied fruit

     Candied fruit is a traditional food withnational characteristics, so far, more than 2,000 years of history. The EasternHan Dynasty Zhao Hua wrote "Wu Yue Chunqiu," a book "more to GanMi Wan (Mu Dang) reported Wu Zengfeng ceremony." This is the Chinesedocument about the earlier candle. Into the Tang and Song Dynasties, due to thedevelopment of agricultural production, especially fruit and beekeeping, sugarindustry development, so that candied fruit processing has developed by leapsand bounds, forming a "frying, brewing, exposure, grits" and so on -the whole process, So that candied fruit products and varieties greatlyincreased, as a forest independent of the "honey fried" food. Thesmell of "honey fried" refers to the people will be fresh fruit onthe honey in the boiling concentrated, in order to remove the fruit in a lot ofwater, enhance the flavor, in order to facilitate the long-standing and itsname.


     Candied products are cranberry &raisins, kumquat lemon, alipa camellia, deer camellia, spicy olives, licoriceolives, pineapple dry, charcoal ebony, Luo Shenhua, papaya dry, lemon slices.


ProductPrice: <1> Alishan Camellia, Deer Valley Chamei, Coconut Yuming, GuiErzi, Cranberry & Raisins 230g * 20 Pack <2> Spicy Olive 250g * 20Pack <3> Kumquat Lemon 240g * 20 Packed <4> Glycyrrhiza Olive 280g* 20 Packed <5> Luo Shenhua 180g * 20 Packed into <6> Papaya Dry100g * 20 Packed <7> Bromeliad Dry 200g * 20 Packed <8> Lemon Sheet90g * 20 pack, FOB price<9> plum powder 250G * 15 cans, the shelf life of1 year

(1)Order $ 1,000 per package in US $ 4.0 per package (2) Order US $ 3.34 perpackage for 3,000 packs (3) Order $ 5,000 per package for US $ 2.67 perpackage.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2017-08-31
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