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Taiwan flavor biscuits - sun cake & cream pastry

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Key Features

Taiwanflavor biscuits - sun cake

Suncake, is a sweet stuffing pizza, the general stuffing is maltose, originated inTaichung City Keioka area community mouth area Linjia Kun sent malt cake,Taichung City, Taiwan's snacks, one of the famous in Taiwan. The name of thesun cake is not a registered trademark, so that later the same industry storescan use this name.

     The shape of the sun cake is similar tothe round, the early production of relatively large, generally eat before aredivided into four, in recent years there are smaller sun cake appears tofacilitate access to food. Its packaging box is also quite unique, the first bythe Tainan painter Yan Shui-long design of the composition of the sunflower.


Filledwith maltose very sweet, mostly for the direct consumption of tea with tea,cake crisp and fragile, easy to fall when eating cake crumbs, so many peoplewill be in the bowl of bread, brewing hot water, porridge Edible.


Othercharacteristics of Taiwan flavor biscuits nougat, pineapple cakes, buttercrisp, vegetable bread, horseradish cake, winter bamboo shoots, tea cake, sweetpotato crisp, bamboo charcoal handmade cake, box crisp, pumpkin crisp, peanutcrisp and so on.


ProductFOB offer sun cake 300G * 12 box into the storage period of 7 months,

(1)Order 600 boxes per box US $ 5.0 (2) Order 1,500 boxes per box US $ 4.34 (3)Order 3,000 boxes per box US $ 3.67.

Taiwanflavor biscuits - cream pastry

Creamis a local dish of Taichung City, Taiwan, for a diameter of about 20 cm roundbiscuits, stuffing for the cream plus maltose, the thickness of about 1 cm,dough has a lot of layers, each layer is very thin and crisp , The outer edgecan not be too hard, the stuffing can not be too sweet. The shape and taste ofthe suncakes are similar to the big creamy pastries, but about 10 centimetersin diameter. But today's creamy pastries are also available in smaller sizes,called creamy cakes.


     Light texture, thin biscuits, wasoriginally a large tradition of one of the cake; but can become a local name,is to worship Matsu's gift. Every year the Lunar March Matsu's birthday, alwayspouring thousands of miles away from the devout believers, the big roadwaypacked packed, crisp naturally became the best offer for worship Matsu.However, many pilgrims were unable to accept the herbs with lard during theirinfancy, and the pilgrims did not let the vegetarian eat the pastry.


Othercharacteristics of Taiwan biscuits nougat, pineapple cakes, sun cake, broth,horseradish cake, winter bamboo shoots, tea cake, sweet potato crisp, bamboocharcoal handmade cake, box crisp, pumpkin crisp, peanut crisp and so on.


ProductFOB price cream cake 300G * 12 box into the storage period of 7 months,

(1)order 600 boxes per box US $ 5.0 (2) order 1,500 boxes per box US $ 4.34 (3)order 3,000 boxes per box US $ 3.67 yuan.

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Last Update : 2017-07-22
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