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Taiwan flavor biscuits - dish

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  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

Taiwan flavor biscuits -dish

    It is a very common, traditional snack,biscuits, not just children, even adults, old people are very fond of the oldtaste of small mouth.


There are many kinds of theorigin of the dishes, which has a saying that the reason why the dish calledbroth, because the inside of the broth also added to the props to produce, theearly preservation of preserved vegetables because there is no refrigerator,people in order to Save the food, often pickled or dried food to extend theshelf life, preserved vegetables is white radish washed, cut, add salt andpickled, after the sun produced by the sun, made its The flavor of the thing.


    The origin of the broth - the reason whythe dish will be called broth, because of its recipe practice on the use of"dish", hence the name of the dish is also the older generation willeat endless radish salt Dried in the dry, and later people in the practice ofthe combination of bread and flour to make biscuits made biscuits, it hasbecome today's bread, in recent years to reduce the amount of sugar added, theheat is more reduced, more mustard, flavor , Black pepper and other tastes,Tainan, North port, mouth Lake are all famous dishes of origin.


   Other characteristics of Taiwan biscuitsnougat, pineapple cakes, sun cake, cream cakes, horseradish cake, winter bambooshoots, tea cake, sweet potato crisp, bamboo charcoal handmade cake, box crisp,pumpkin crisp, peanut crisp and so on.


Products FOB quotes<1> honeydew cake, winter bamboo shoots 160G * 30 packets into the<2> vegetable bread, sweet potato crisp 150G * 30 package <3>Alishan tea cake 130G * 20 package,4Box crisp 200G *20 package the preservation period of 1 year

(1) Order 900 packs perpackage US $ 2.34 (2) Order 1,500 packs per package US $ 2.0 (3) Order 3,000packs per package US $ 1.67.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2017-08-31
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