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SUPER, 3 in 1 Natural Plants Activity Enzyme® 100 g* 12 bottles

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  • Other type : Controlled
  • Style : Luquid
  • Type : DAP

Key Features

Since Glycoprotein, “Effective Formula G-protein”, features large needs for animals and plants and few needs for pests, Uno Fortune Inc.was founded in 1993. In 1994,
"3 in 1 Natural Mucilage Organic Fertilizer" was registered and upgraded every one to three years, from Bio-1, Bio-2 to Bio-12 in Bio series, N-2 and N-3 in Nano-molecule series in 2000, to Nano-5 in 2008. In 2010, "Effective FormulaPlant Activity Enzyme" stabilizes the efficacy of " Effective Formula G-protein" and becomes upgraded to registered “3 in 1 Natural Plant Active Enzyme", with the first generation Uno-1. In early 2014, Tcm5, cyH2, and psz430 were found to form ring-shaped active enzymes and combine micro-molecule. The electrons with strong molecule titer are widely applied to plant health and isolation of pests. In 2015, " Effective Formula Cyclic Plant Activity Enzyme", the first generation of SUPER enzyme series, has been developed.

Product Introduction 
“Single product with three functions” and “Single product with high Applicability”

New and upgraded plant active enzymes--- Super form the ocean are available in 2015! After being diluted, ring-shaped active enzymes, "Effective Formula Cyclic Plant Activity Enzyme", are formed and also stabilize the micro-molecule“Effective Formula G-protein"developed in 1993:
  • Ring-shaped active enzymes combine micro-molecule. The electrons with strong molecule titer form the protection net, expand the plant surface, and isolate pests, which become more resistant to heat, cold, drought, and flooding in extreme weather. They can be applied to cuttings, grafting, transplanting, and seed separation, or moving alpine plants to plains for planting. Accordingly, they are suitable for isolation of any pests and environment, and resistant to climate chang!
  • Ring-shaped active enzymes combine micro-molecule. The electrons with strong molecule titer form the protection net and expand the plant surface. The micro-molecule in the inner layer becomes easier to enter cells, providing multi enzyme pathways for plants and allowing plants to germinate, grow, flower,and bear fruit. They can be applied to the water-saving drip irrigation system or LED planting method without sunshine, helping traditional and technological planting methods transfer nutrients efficiently. According, they are suitable for any plants and make plants healthier!

Single product with highly added value

Pass SGStesting,Superis free of pesticide!
Non-toxic product makes plants grow healthier and customers feel safer!
Non-toxic agriculture is the basic requirement for agricultural products and processed agricultural products!
Non-toxic agriculture brings safety to customers as well as the sustainable environment. It is the conscientious business where non-toxic products cannot be compromised!
Non-toxic product is the bottom line for users and family members to live healthily, happily, and safely!

Production of rice in Southeast Asia and India can increase 20% to 50%. High-quality grains can be made into seeds with double prices. The production of Palm oil can increase 25%; wheat in Australia can increase 20%. Fruits in Taiwan will become non-toxic and naturally sweet. Agricultural production will become more delicate. The highest added values of SUPER include increase in efficiency of arable land on earth, non-toxic achievement, and sustainable ecological environment!

Use Direction
With 500to 1000-fold dilution, water roots and spray on leaves every 7-10days. (The proportion is 1.15-1.20)

  1. Please fully acknowledge and accept the principle of action and use direction before purchase.
  2. After purchase, please spray the product with 500-fold dilution on a single plant. Water roots and spray it on leaves every three days to understand the effect of the product and applicability of the plant. 
  3. Please note the origin when copying pictures or texts from the company. Any forged pictures and counterfeits will be held liable. 
  4. Please dilute the product before use. The product is stable and for best use within 48 hours after dilution. Later, molecule will enlarge to its original size. 
  5. Date of manufacturing and expiration date are marked on the capsule. The product can be preserved for three years. Please do not mix the product with other substances in storage. Please keep the product in dark places.
  6. Please do not add any chemicals, agent, spreading agent, and trace elements upon use.
  7. No need of any protection upon use. However, please do not drink the product. 
  8. The product can be used at any pH value or temperature, and under the sunlight.
  9. The product contains no pesticide, chemicals, antibiotics, heavy metals, or hormones. Focusing on health, it is your best LOHAS partner.
  10. The product is suitable for agricultural technology, evolution of traditional farming, non-toxic agriculture, import and export quarantineof agricultural products, environmental engineering and maintenance,andnon-toxic home gardening. With special nature, the product is worth developing and using diversely.

Payment Details

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  • Minimum Order : 1 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2019-07-15
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