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Spicy Rose (Bright)

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  • use : Bath Soap
  • Feature : Bar soap

Key Features

Spicy Rose                               

Elegant charm and rebellious self confidence. The perfect was to express Mystery.

Hot, spicy roses mixed into a wild display of passion and sweetness makes for a perfectly balanced fragrance. With such a variety of aromas, it triggers your deepest contradictions. You will smell green apple, Canterbury bells flowers, and Sicilian lemon in its classic yet surprising top notes, fully representing the fresh charm of a woman. In its next layer of scents, you will discover tuberose, white roses, and Otto roses, conveying the spirit of the romantic sensibilities of women pursuing their dreams. Finishing off with a fusion of cedar, ambergris, and thyme; that displays perfect confidence and desire.

Spicy Rose (Bright)

Specially added daisies brighten your skin's complexion, removes dark and dull skin tones, lightens, and balances color all while enhancing your skin brightness and improving skin fairness.

This makes your skin whiter, brighter, fresher, and more radiant, all while providing you with the desirable scents of sweet flower, giving you energetic and enthusiastic self-confidence.


Major Ingredients of the Scented Herbal Soap

Rose water: Replenishes moisture to prevent dryness and wrinkles, effectively relieves tightness, and maintains whitening, radiance, and suppleness. 

Papaya enzymes: clears and metabolizes old skin

 Urea: Helps corneum moisture absorption, moisturizes, and softens the skin.

 Carnosine: homogeneous skin color, improves dark skin tones, multiple anti-aging effects, maintains skin firmness and elasticity. Your faithful guard of youthful skin. It is a key serum component in maintaining youthful skin by moisturizing, firming, and repairing your skin and while inhibiting elasticity loss.

 Mandelic acid: gently regenerates your skin's corneum layer, and maintains a healthy metabolism, giving you delicate, supple skin. Helps in corneum metabolism, tightens pores, maintains radiant skin, and promotes the metabolization of dead skin cells and acne, thus improving your skin so that it becomes smooth, radiant, firm, and light. It also improves rough and dull skin as well as large pores, thus whitening the skin.

 Uses: cleaning, purifying, balancing, softening skin, and moisturizing. It makes the skin more dynamic, with brightening effects, and also allows the skin to receive more nutrients and improves acne, oil control and excessive sebum excretions, rough skin condition, and skin lacking vitality, making your skin balanced and firm.

Usage: After gently soaking in water until there were bubbles, and massage into the skin until clean.

Storage method: Do not place in direct sunlight or areas with high temperatures.

Precautions: If there are any abnormal reactions or discomfort, please stop using the product.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 20

Last Update : 2018-05-21
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