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Specification of SUPER Pollination & Yields1 Natural Plant Activity Enzyme

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  • Other type : Controlled
  • Style : Luquid
  • Type : DAP

Key Features

ALL-IN-ONE Natural Plant Activity Enzyme:

Molecular Pollinating tech series:

2019 new upgrade-"Effective Formula Plant Activity Enzyme plus1" is a combination of different type plant enzymes, its "Plant Activity Enzyme Guide Molecule1" guides "Molecular Pollinating tech" to flower cell or fruit cell as strongest pollination promoter and strongest fruit genes promoter.
In flower cell, "Molecular Pollinating tech" is a shortcut to complete the processes of pollinating to fruit, so the ratio of complete pollination up to 99%, therefore no artificial pollination or bee pollination is required. In fruit cell, "Molecular Pollinating tech" can continue complete promoting fruit genes working. In the other plant cells, with the binding of "Effective Formula G-protein plus1", it promotes plant growth and health:

2019 new upgrade -“Effective Formula G-protein plus 1” is the compounds existing in all organisms, but in varying amounts. Animals and plants need larger amounts of “Effective Formula G-protein plus 1”, whilst pests and diseases (such as insect, virus, fungi, bacteria, fusarium spp., nematodes and the pathogens created by mutation) require less:

● SUPER Pollination & Yield1 (released in 2019)
Specification100 g1.2 kg1 kg12 kg20 kg
Quantityrecyclable HDPE bottle12 recyclable HDPE bottles of 100 g in one cardboard boxrecyclable HDPE bottle12 recyclable HDPE bottles of 1 kg in one cardboard boxrecyclable HDPE drum
Quantity of 500 fold dilution50kg600kg500kg6,000kg10,000kg
Quantity of 1000 fold dilution100kg1200kg1,000kg12,000kg20,000kg
Product Image2019 SUPER 100g.jpg2019 SUPER 1.2kg.jpg2019 SUPER 1 kg.jpg2019 SUPER 12kg.jpg2019 SUPER 20kg.jpg

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : Other ,TT ,L/C ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 1 Kilogram/Kilograms

Last Update : 2019-07-18
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