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Save Fuel Pad

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  • Usage : Automobile
  • No. of Cylinders : 2 Cylinder
  • Item Type : Engine Cooling & Accessories
  • Fuel : Gasoline

Key Features

Save Fuel Pad

- Low HC, CO Low PM2.5



>eco / low carbon: Remove Carbon Deposition. [Reduce PM2.5] Nozzle ,Valve, Cylinder Carbon out Pipe

>Power Increasing: Completed Combustion to increase power effect.

>Fuel Saving: Reducing Fuel after removing carbon and completed combustion

[The effect will be different based on car models, road situation, and driving way]



> Fluid mechanics principle

> Increase the engine volume to promote efficiency, fuel-efficient more.

>The more combustion the higher effect of engine.

>The less the exhaust, the stronger the torque



> 20 x 13 x 1.2 cm



> 50,000 km


Installation Guide:

Before Installing

  1. Open Engine Cover
  2. Start Engine
  3. Check & Record RPM meter
  4. Check exhaust pipe if carbon particle out of pipe


Start Installing

  1. Stop Engine
  2. Open Air Box
  3. Clean or Replace Air Filter
  4. Install the Pad (small hole) facing Engine intake (Cut the pad if necessary to fit into Air box)
  5. Close & lock tight Air Box cover



Finish Installation

  1. Start the Engine . Pedal 10 times to RPM 3000 Warm up pad ( Clean Nozzle ,Valve, Cylinder Carbon out Pipe)
  2. Check RPM meter if back to normal number or lower
  3. You will feel Pedal soft, power up a lot, check drain or smoke out (HC, CO, NOx become lower)


Patent in Taiwan and China



Example of Installation

[Model: cerfiro 2.0]



Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 1


Last Update : 2018-07-18
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