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Sacha Inchi Oil . Enzyme Pills

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Detoxes the toxins within your body, empowers smooth bowel movements—an incredible nutritional supplement for Orientals.

Key Features

Sacha Inchi Oil . Enzyme Pills

Made in Taiwan, a go-to nutritional supplement for locals. 

Ageing, low metabolism, nutritional deficiencies, exhaustion, lack of fruits andvegetables, eating oily and heavy sugar foods, haggard, and having bowel movementissues.

Sacha Inchi OilEnzyme Pills 

Natural herb New Arrival 


Detoxes the toxins within your body, empowers smooth bowel movements—anincredible nutritional supplement for Orientals. 

Inca Enzyme Pills~ relaxes your body, flushes out unhealthy oil and toxins, andprevents constipation. 

Product Content (Exclusive Technique, High Concentration)  

Sacha Inchi Oil is rich in Omega-3, 6, 9. 

Spirulina Extract is the most nutritious plant in the 21st century 

Chlorella extract contains a high amount of cellulose. 

High-quality yeast contains protein and dietary fibre; it commonly alleviatesconstipation.


Acid bacteria decreases intestinal obstruction. 

Dioscorea polystachya (Common Yam) is rich in nutrition, invigorates the spleen &stomach, and helps digestion

Synthetic Enzyme A is a unique natural enzyme formula that can completelyreplenish the digestive enzymes that our body needs. 

Can be consumed by males and females. 

Product ingredients: Inca fruit, mixed enzymes, fruit thinning extract,fructooligosaccharides, spirulina, green algae, yeast, acid bacteria, Dioscoreapolystachya (Common Yam) 

Caution: Cannot be consumed by pregnant women. 



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  • Minimum Order : 5 Box/ Boxes

Last Update : 2021-12-18
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