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Refreshing bag 15g

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Old man Health foot bath

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   Refreshing bag15g

     Ingredients: Pearl Huang, Polygonum cuspidatum, rattan thirty-seven, school shell thorns, Wu Gu vine, cat to grass, yellow vine, Xianfeng grass, grass, red leaves ducks, Xanthium, Tribulus terrestris, , Rhizoma Imperatae, Diabetes, cattle seven, ten credit and other components. Function: Healthy feet with.

  What are the benefits of the elderly foot bath, good for good health, help to improve heart and lung function, saying that the winter foot bath to win big hen. In fact, the benefits of foot bath is not only this point. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are reflex zones and many points on the feet, when people with hot feet, it will stimulate the acupuncture points and reflex zones, and promote the body and the whole body of the blood circulation, thereby speeding up the body's metabolism, play mediation effect. For example, we are familiar with the Yongquan and Taichong by warm stimulation, you can play the role of kidney care liver protection. If you stimulate the soles of the feet of the large intestine reflex zone, but also play a laxative effect. In addition, the foot bath to speed up the blood circulation, people sweating, not only can relieve fatigue, but also make some toxins with sweat.

 Foot bath is also pay attention to, first of all, to keep the temperature of the foot bath water can be slightly higher than the body temperature, not more than 38 degrees Celsius. Second, the foot bath time depends on age. For the elderly, the general bubble for 20 minutes is appropriate, but the low blood pressure of the elderly, the body is relatively weak old man, 20 minutes a day sober enough to prevent foot bath time is too long cause blood vessels to expand, leading to lower blood pressure. For children, because their skin is more delicate, so the best foot bath should not be more than 10 minutes. And young people soak for 15 minutes a day. In addition, the foot bath can not be too shallow, at least not to foot, of course, even the calf with the bubble, the effect will be better. Foot bath on the heart of the elderly have a very good benefit. Not only can increase the flow of cardiovascular, but also allow the body to accelerate blood circulation.

In the case of


    Elderly feet 7 big note: As the saying goes, "the elderly to longevity, head cool feet hot eight full". Feet are the body's "second heart", many older people like bedtime feet feet. Medical experts, the elderly in the foot bath at the same time, if you can add some hot water in traditional Chinese medicine, for some elderly patients with chronic diseases, can play a multiplier health care role. But from the perspective of Chinese medicine, the use of traditional Chinese medicine foot bath is not a thousand people, but also symptomatic application. In addition, the elderly foot bath in addition to not abuse drugs, but also should note the following:


1, the elderly feet the best choice of the deeper, the bottom of the larger wooden barrels, so that the feet can be comfortable to put in peace, and the water can be soaked to the calf. Be careful not to use metal pots and plastic pots, otherwise the effective ingredients of the liquid will lose part of it.

 2, foot bath water temperature maintained at 40 degrees Celsius is more appropriate, to add hot water at any time.

 3, the foot skin is damaged (except for the case of dry skin cracked) to suspend the traditional Chinese medicine foot bath.

 4, half an hour after a meal should not foot bath, otherwise it will affect the blood supply to the stomach, the long run can cause the elderly malnutrition.

 5, foot bath time can not be too long, up to half an hour, otherwise the feet of the local blood circulation for a long time too fast, will cause other parts of the body relative to ischemia, it may make the elderly due to cerebral insufficiency and fainting.

 6, foot bath can not immediately sleep. Taking advantage of the feet when the rubbing rubbing the soles of the feet, in time to wear socks warm, until the body heat slowly lower and then sleep the best effect.

 7, Chinese medicine foot bath can only play the role of adjuvant therapy, old friends do not treat it as a cure, so as not to delay the disease.


 Usage: Please use 2000cc cold water every pack, according to personal temperature by adding the right amount of cold water, the proposed water bubble to the calf, straight from the soles of the feet straight for about 20 minutes to make blood circulation more smoothly, sweating will make people feel comfortable The feeling that each pack can be brewed twice.

 Note: not edible, full, hungry, with disease, fatigue, water is too hot not feet.

 Price: $ 100 per package market price

(1) order 100 packs per package market price of USD $ 4.05

(2) order 300 packs per package market price of USD $ 3.6

(3) order 500 package price per package USD $ 3.15

(4) order 1000 package price per package USD $ 2.7

(5) order 3000 package price per package USD $ 2.25

(6) order 10000 package price per package USD $ 1.8.





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Last Update : 2018-11-28
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