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Q10 Zymo-Excitative Jel Mask-250g

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Key Features

A jel mask with whitening, moisturizing, hypo-allergenic and anti-aging all in one pack

Taiwan’s first jel mask free of chemical preservatives

Taiwan most popular jel mask with advanced formula

Q10 Zymo-Excitative Membrane has won Taiwan Yahoo Beauty Award and FG(Taiwan famous beauty magazine) Most Popular Beauty Cosmetic Award.

This award-winning advanced Q10 Zymo-Excitative Membrane received many recommendations from celebrities across Taiwan and Hong Kong. An excellent record with an average sale of every 15 minutes was made when it first hit the market in 2014! The advanced Q10 Zymo-Excitative Membrane not only kept the original whitening and moisturizing effects, but co-enzyme Q10 with outstanding anti-aging outcome is also added to revive our skin, improve our metabolism, keep our skin young while achieving whitening and moisturizing outcome.

Main  Effect:

Deep Cleansing–Cleaning the pores effectively that would give your skin the glow from the inside and out.

Nurses Dull Skin - Use natural whitening enzyme to improve uneven skin tone conditions.

Skin Calming- Natural chamomile extracts which quickly repairs skin irritation and redness from sunburn.

Delay Aging- Consists of co-enzyme Q10, which improves anti-aging for repairing and tightening the skin.

Use  Deirection:

Step 1 :After  washing the face, take appropriate BONANZA jel mask.

Step 2 :Have  your facial mask on the whole face uniformly (include lip) and about  0.3~0.5  cm thick.

Step 3:After about 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 4:Use the scraper to scrape BONANZA jel mask thoroughly, then rinse with water BONANZA jel mask.  

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Last Update : 2017-11-28
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