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Q10 Active-Moisture Jel Mask-250g

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Key Features

Legendary Star-Quality Jel Mask Reach Top Sales Again

Strengthen the great effectsof Anti-Aging

Amplify obvious maintenanceeffect

Taiwan’s first stated jel mask free of chemical preservatives andregarded as “hypo-allergenic, safe and effective”.

Advanced Q10 Active-Moisture Membrane highlyrecommended by celebrities in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as bloggers.

A beauty product(Active-Moisture Membrane) strongly endorsed by cosmetic users, adding newdelights of anti-aging outcome--- initiating additional co-enzyme Q10 elementto the formula to create remarkable intense effect of beauty by easing theaging process, regulating uneven skin tone and maintaining young moisturizedskin.

Adopt cutting-edge pressurize technology to develop askin care product that is made of natural and pure formula and with water bankgel quality so that the skin can quickly absorb the moisturizing elements tolook soft, supple, bright and in stable condition.

Use of Q10 Active-Moisture Membrane will soon soften and brighten the skin condition,repair dry and coarse skin damage, perfect makeup for all skin types, even soothes sunburn condition to form a tight layerof moisturizing water-lock for natural bright and healthy young skin!

Simple UseMultipleEffects

   SeasonalMoisturizing- Regulate discomfort skin condition to fully soften and brighten the skin

   SunburnEmergent Repair-  Soothe the redness from sunburn and whitening skin can beobtained

Laser Skin Care Treatment-  Non-acid formula and can be immediately usedafter laser treatment to relieve from redness, heat as well as for skin repair.

Use  Deirection

Step 1 After  washing the face, take appropriate BONANZAjel mask.

Step 2 Have  your facial mask on the whole face uniformly(include lip) and about  0.3~0.5  cm thick.

Step 3After about 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 4Use the scraper to scrape BONANZA jel mask thoroughly,then rinse with water BONANZA jel mask.

Product Certification

Payment Details

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Last Update : 2017-11-28
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