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Honey Oolong Tea Sweet Aftertaste Famous Taiwan Oolong Green Tea

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the millennium of the elegant rhyme, a taste of the fun, Good Quality Fine Loose Tea Leaves, for Hand-harvested only


  • Harvest Type : Hand-harvested tea only
  • Lever of roast/fermentation : n: As required (Light/Medium/Heavy
  • Shelf Life : 3 years
  • Altitude : 1500~2500 m
  • Style : Loose Tea
  • Season : Spring Tea/Winter Tea
  • Weight (kg) : 2g~150g
  • Certification : ISO, TTB, SGS, TUV
  • Age : New
  • Tastes : Green/Oolong/Black

Key Features

 Premium Taiwan Lishan (Honey) Oolong Tea Leaves with any Packaging, best tea for New Year 2019Taiwan Lishan Tea’s nutrients are from the Gaogang slope, which has always been famous throughout the country for planting juicy pears, peaches, honey apples, apricot, plum and other temperate fruits and high-cold vegetables. Additionally, the excellent water quality also brings a special natural fruit taste and smell on Taiwan Lishan Tea.

Blessed with these geographical factors, coupled with continuous improvement of planting techniques, Taiwan Lishan tea leaf is rather hypertrophy with higher pectin content and very low bitter component of catechins. Its light floral and sweet flavour called the best tea in the grade.
They are why the good leaves’ colour of Lisjan is fresh and lively, along with its smooth and particular taste (the tea fragrance remains long and strong inside the mouth), and the level of re-brewing times is relatively high. All of our tea leaves are Hand-harvested only and strictly require One bud Two leaves, which are the conditions for the Premium Oolong tea.
Company Information↓↓Our Plantation↓↓ Premium Taiwan Lishan (Honey) Oolong Tea Leaves with any Packaging, best tea for New Year 2019
 ↓↓Our Factory in Nantou, Taiwan↓↓ 
Premium Taiwan Lishan (Honey) Oolong Tea Leaves with any Packaging, best tea for New Year 2019
 The tea plantation and factory have been inherited for four generations since 1963, we sold from only the tea flush (bud) to a variety of tea leaves as a wholesale.
In order to understand the customers’ demands, we are dedicated to non-stop innovation and improvement, and have built the customer loyalty, encouragement and good reputation, which are the driving forces behind the establishment of our existence and confidence.
Our Advantages
The tea plantation area of China is four times the size of Taiwan, but the quality is not as good as Taiwan tea. Professionals pointed out that China belongs to a continental climate with less water content in the air, which leads tea leaves to lose their vitality within a short period of time. On the contrary, Taiwan belongs to a maritime climate, tea leaves can still retain the original flavour even after withered away.
Taiwan Oolong Tea is an island and semi-fermented tea, it’s famous and valuable by the smooth and extraordinary taste and smell which are between black tea and green tea: pure, sweet, and refreshing, additionally, with the favour of natural fruit. They are the most obvious characteristic of oolong tea compared with other tea varieties.
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging: Pyramid tea bags/Bags/Packs/Vacuum packaging/Nitrogen packaging/Cans/Boxes...etc.
Premium Taiwan Lishan (Honey) Oolong Tea Leaves with any Packaging, best tea for New Year 2019 
Delivery Term: EXW/FOB/DDU...etc.
Premium Taiwan Lishan (Honey) Oolong Tea Leaves with any Packaging, best tea for New Year 2019

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 10 Bag/Bags



    Making Tea by Cham Hung

Last Update : 2019-08-29
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