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Portable PA & Karaoke System

Model No.
PartyPro 320A
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BRIO SOUND INC.More About This Product
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Key Features


Standard Packageincludes

Dual Speakers

DC 19V2A Power Adapter

IR Remote Control

Audio Cable

Speakers InterconnectWire

User Guide

Carrying Case for MainSpeaker

Wireless Microphone x1

Key Features

Real-time Vocal Reduction

ThePartyPro 320A Karaoke Mixer can reduce the vocals of any MP3 song or musicvideo by 50%-80%* to generate instant karaoke background music for yoursinging. Its real-time reduction makes singers can click any song on Youtubeand sing!

*Thevocal reduction feature is not applied to the song with group singers.


It Brings The PARTY Anytime & Anywhere!

ThePartyPro 320A is the most customizable and convenient karaoke entertainmentaccessory specialized for smartphones and tablets. Other than its karaokecapabilities, it’s also a high quality Bluetooth speaker, Instruments’Performance Speaker, and PA System.

A Must-Have for Outgoing Karaoke Lovers

Donot let cheaper quality sound equipment ruin the aesthetics of singing karaokeanymore. With its eight presets of reverb and echo effects and pitch shiftfeatures, it allows a professional karaoke singing experience no matter whereyou are. Whether it’s for recreation, or to practice your karaoke skills, thismachine is an absolute must-have!


Be a Pro

Soundinglike a professional singer has never been easier! Flip any song from your iPad,iPhone, or smart phone and make it yours! With the dedicated DSP signalprocessing algorithm, perfect pitch technology, and the highest performance ofmicrophones, PartyPro 320A promises to make you into the singer you’ve alwaysdreamed you could be.     


PartyPro320A is the right choice for your party. With the dynamic ±12 pitch shiftfeature, it enables you to modify the pitch to match your range. You’ll also beable to control the reverb and echo levels of the sound, allowing you to singlike a pro.

Hi-RES music with Outstanding Audio

Withthe 192KHz/24-bit lossless decoding scheme and exclusive Hi-End Class A/BAmplifier, the PartyPro was designed with music projection in mind. It createsa perfect frequency response for outstanding vocal performances. The pristinestereo sound provides an unbeatable music experience.

Automatic Bluetooth Pairing

Line Out

Theline out jack allows connection to the big PA system if you are in largeconference room or output audio signal for external recording.

One Touch Control

Allsound effects of PartyPro including 8+ reverb/echo presets, pitch shifting,vocal multiplexing, vocal reduction and volume adjustment are made by remotecontrol. With these professional features, it’s guaranteed to make you feellike a rock star.

Advanced Microphone Synchronization

PartyPro320A is equipped with two mic input jacks plus one wireless microphone includedin the package. The microphones have built-in amplifiers to generate clear andrich sound to let you reach those high notes. Also a feedback suppressionsystem is built-in to prevent interference between mics and speakers.


Public Addressing

PartyPromakes your speech clear and warm through its natural sound technology. It issuited for a venue of 30-50 people.Also a built-in lithium battery is providinghigh stability and 8-10 hours of music playback time.This mobility makes PartyPro perfect for your family reunion, house party, orcamping.

Instrument Performance

Grabany MP3 song from your phone, 320A will remove the vocal and tune the tone intoany key like C major or A major while you are playing guitar or saxophone. Nowyour sidewalk performance plus her singing will make audiences to become yourfans immediately.

HI-FI Home Theater

The320A comes with dual speakers and outputs 60Watts X 2 stereo power. When itconnected to TV, you will feel the magnificence of the soundstage performanceunder its highest sound output no matter you are watching TV, movie or playinggames.

2-Year Extended Warranty

Product Certification

Payment Details

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Last Update : 2017-08-01
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