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Plastic Recycling Machine Taiwan

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Plastic recycling machine taiwan from TAIWAN
  • One-step direct technology cutting + extrusion + pelletizing
  • Very easy to install, operate and perform maintenance
  • In-house recycling at its best
  • Output: 100-1200 kg/hr




 Recycling Materials of Plastic recycling machine taiwan
          PE/PP Film Roll                   Bags                       Film Scraps                  Bubble Film                  Film Sheet 
                Raffia                   Nonwoven Flakes            Strech Film                  Garbage Bag              Washed Flake 











 In-house Recycling at its Best: Plastic recycling machine taiwan for Post-Industrial Waste

  • 100% pellets reusability right back into your production line
  • Minimal material degradation without property change
  • Reducing productiin cost by reprocessing your own industrial waste


Blown and Cast Film ProducersRaffia & WovenRigid Regrind

PE, PP film rolls, edge trim waste from blown film process , T-shirt bags cut-offs from bag making process can be recycled in a simple process with plastic recycling machine taiwan. The high-quality, uniformed-sized pellets made by plastic recycling machine taiwan are almost like virgin material which can be put directly back to film production line.

In-house waste generated from the production of PP woven bags, non-woven, jumbo bags, PP raffia, PP woven sacks and tapes. The PP pellets recycled by plastic recycling machine taiwan can be reused (100%) for production, in most cases in circular weaving looms and tapelines.Pre-crushed, heavy rigid regrind scraps such as bottles, pipes, containers and lumps in the form of granules can recycled by plastic recycling machine taiwan. Applicable materials are mailny HDPE, LDPE, PP, PA, PC, PU, ABS and others.











 Simple in Design, Flexible in Operation: Plastic recycling machine taiwan
  • One-step direct technology with cutting + extrusion + pelletizing
  • Very easy to install, operate and perform maintenance
  • Fast change between different types of material

POLYSTAR’s Repro-Flex Plastic recycling machine taiwan is designed for reprocessing HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed. This cutter integrated pelletizing system of Plastic recycling machine taiwan eliminates the need of pre-cutting material, requiring less space and energy consumption while producing high-quality pellets at a highly productive rate.

 How POLYSTAR Plastic recycling machine taiwan works


1 & 2 - Feeding 

Feeding of scraps is easy, flexible and autimatically controlled.

Film-on rolls can be fed with nip roller feeder.


The conveyor of plastic recycling machine taiwan is installed with sesotec metal detector made in Germany.

3 - Cutting & Compacting      

Very fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder

4 - Additive feeder 

Color master batch and CaCO3 compunds (in pellet form) can be added during the recycling process

5 - Double degassing 

Able to process both printed and non-printed material

6 - Filtration

Filter with dual channel system for non-stop operation and reduces machine down time 

7 - Die face pelletizing 

Produces high quality plastic pellets for reprocessing 




















BOPP and Stretch Film Recycler



BOPP, stretch film scraps and film on-roll can be turned into high quality pellets for reprocessing. POLYSTAR's advanced cutter-compactor system of plastic recycling machine taiwan can process material that is typically more difficult to recycle due to its special property, such as printed BOPP and stretch film that one normally faces problem with the traditional plastic recycling machine taiwan.


PP Woven Producers

- Saudi Arabia


In-house waste generated from the production of PP woven bags, non-woven, jumbo bags, PP raffia, PP woven sacks and tapes. The recycled PP pellets from plastic recycling machine taiwan can be reused (100%) for production. In most cases in circular weaving looms and tapelines.


Recycling Center

- Nigeria


Professional recyclers who collect both post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The pellets quality of plastic recycling machine taiwan can be improved by direct dosing of masterbatch and additives.













 POLYSTAR Exhibition with Plastic recycling machine taiwan













Why POLYSTAR Plastic recycling machine taiwan













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Last Update : 2016-12-14
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