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Perfluoropolyether PFPE Fluorine oil filter regeneration

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Perfluoropolyether PFPE Fluorine oil regeneration

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Perfluoropolyether PFPE Fluorine oil filter regeneration
Fluorine oil is name for Per-Fluororated Poly Ethers (PFPE), known as
perfluoropolyalkyl (Per- Fluoro (Poly) Alkylether, PFPAE, (PFAE)).
Perfluoropolyether is the most expensive oils. However, perfluoropolyether
special advantage is it can be recycled and the cost of regenerated
perfluoropolyether is greatly reduced. This information is from Wikipedia.

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The founder of CHENG-Y was engaged in the field of industrial equipment and trade in the early years. He has been focusing on the research of various brands and models of vacuum pumps in various countries. For more than ten years, he has been deeply aware of the importance of vacuum pump maintenance and repair. Moreover, we insist on innovation, talent-oriented, and integrity. The second-hand vacuum pumps, spare parts and consumables sold are strictly tested, with stable performance and excellent quality, which can improve the stability of customer's product process and create high yield. Through professional maintenance parts, precision machining, tools and technical manuals, we will educate our customers on how to guarantee their own warranty. We also represent foreign well-known vacuum pump brands for a long time to meet the needs of customers who need to purchase new products.

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Last Update : 2021-03-17
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