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Peppermint Essentials Perfumed Air Spray Ocean White Musk Rose Apple Jasmine Eau de Toilette

Model No.
FR-Perfumed-80 ml
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Perfumed Luxurious Air Refreshing Spray Eau de Toilette Ocean Musk Bergamot Rum White Musk Rose Jasmin Pepper Apple Sandalwood Sky


  • Pack Size : 80 ml
  • Scent : 202 Ocean, 203 Sky, 802 Ocean Musk, 803 Bergamot Rum, 805 White Musk, 806 Rose Msuk, 804 Jasmine Pepper, 808 Apple Sandalwood

Key Features

Luxurious Perfumed Spray for Refresh Feeling and Enjoyment. Mild Ingredients with Perfumes from France. Feel Like Eau de Toilette, Use as Scented Spray Air Refresher Anytime When Needed. Explore the Scents of Ocean, White Musk, Bergamot Rum, Rose, Jasmine Pepper, Apple Sandalwood, Sky, and Ocean Musk.

No.802 Ocean Musk-Lemon.Aqueous.Cedarwood.Musk
No.803 Bergamot Rum-Bergamot.Rum.Apple.Vetiver.Wood.Leather
No.805 White Musk
No.806 Rose Musk-Violette.Rose.Musk
No.804 Jasmin Pepper-Pepper.Nutmeg.Jasmine.Patchouly
No.808 Apple Sandalwood-Grapefruit.Apple.Nutmeg.Vetiver.Sandalwood
No.202 Ocean-Rosemary.Lavender.Eucalyptus.Musk
No.203 Sky-Mint.Bergamot.Vetiver.

To Use: Spray when you like to enjoy the refreshing air.

Ingredients: High Quality Perfumes from France, Aqua, and Alcohol.
Refreshing feeling with the scents of luxurious enjoyment.

More pack size available: 7 ml, 20 ml, 60 ml, 80 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml, or other size. Please contact us if other pack size or customized label can be arranged.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 120 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-03-09
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