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Key Features

Peanut is a kind of leguminouspeanut, commonly known as peanuts and yellow peanuts The genus is more than 20species. It is generally believed that the peanut origin of Peru and Brazil, inthe Peruvian coastal prehistoric ruins found in a large number of ancientpeanuts, can be traced back to at least 7600 years ago. During the Columbus voyage,the navigator brought the peanut pods to Spain. In the 1535th edition of the"History of the West India", peanuts were recorded in Manien as"Mani" and then spread to the rest of the world.


    Peanut seeds contain rich fats (about 50%)and protein (24-36%) protein contains some essential amino acids in the humanbody, so the nutritional value is very high, can be directly as food, orextract edible peanut oil. After pressing the bran, it is a good qualityfertilizer for good livestock feed and crops. In addition peanut root is richin nodules, can fix the air in the free nitrogen. Peanut red skin containsfiber, protein, fat and polyphenols and other nutrients, there are blood,improve the efficacy of anemia symptoms.

    This series launched bamboo charcoalpeanuts, mustard peanuts, curry peanuts, seaweed peanuts, yam red yeast rice,spicy peanuts.

ProductPrice: bamboo charcoal peanuts, mustard peanuts, seaweed peanuts, yam red yeastrice peanut <250g * 30 package into the "curry peanut 240g * 30 package,

(1)Order 1,200 packs per package US $ 4.0 (2) Order $ 3,000 per package in US $3.34 per package (3) Order $ 6 per package for US $ 3.0 per package for aperiod of 8 months.

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  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2017-08-31
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