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PCI-E FXO card, 4 port Skype gateway for PBX or landline

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Regintech SkyGWO Skype gateway can provide low cost enterprise MVPN like communication

Key Features

SkyGWO - Skype gateway system with a four port FXO PCI-E card, can help enterprise solve the concern of Skype security if they want to use free Skype calls. It supports up to 16 ports in one gateway now. In addition to making and receiving Skype or SkypeOut calls using office desk phone to save phone bill, SkyGWO can have more functions such as customer service calls, Skype MVPN, DID, DOD and customized setting function at a low or no extra cost compared with traditional carries services. 

SkyGWO - FXO PCI-E card is our second generation Skype gateway. There are two differences between this solution and our first generation FXS Skype gateway SkyGW4C-S. Firstly, SkyGWO can be connected with PBX extension lines or telecom carrier lines, but SkyGW4C-S needs to be connected with PBX trunk lines. The second difference is SkyGWO has similar feature as Skype To Go service with more flexibility. Employees can call back office via landline for a Skype/SkypeOut call. 

By connecting SkyGWO with company's existing PBX extension lines or carrier lines, employees can make/receive Skype calls through their desk phones. Employees don't need to install Skype in personal PC to increase company security concerns and MIS's burdens. Different location offices can have a free communication and international calls can be achieved at free or low cost. Employees out of office can call back their office via Skype to save expensive mobile fee or even roaming fee. Through Skype Button function or SkypeIn™ service, 800 service calls can be replaced by free Skype call. Enterprise can benefit cheaper phone fee and even better communication platform for B2B or B2C through SkyGWO. 

Although smart phone is popular for Skype call now, but sometimes mobile Skype connection is not quite good. With SkyGWO, employee can call back office Skype gateway via landline or mobile for a good quality Skype international call to deal with important business at any time. It is similar as Skype To Go service but with more flexibility. This will largely increase employee's mobile communication. After DID function is integrated with Skype Button in company web or SkypeIn service, incoming Skype service call will be forwarded to the dedicated support persons without accessing company IVR. With DOD function, employees just dial an extension number to have a direct connect with their foreign factory or branch office through Skype/SkypeOut™. Skype MVPN solution can be implemented with employee's mobile phone Skype.

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Last Update : 2020-02-06
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