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Osmanthus / Verbena / Peppermint /Sri Lanka Black Tea / Herbal Spring breeze tea Drink 3 g 30

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  • Type : Herbal Tea
  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

           Osmanthus/ Verbena / Peppermint / Sri Lanka Black Tea / Herbal Spring breeze tea Drink 3g30

       Spring Herbal TeaAll Ingredients: Sweet Osmanthus, Verbena, Long Spruce, Qianjinteng,Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum, Ear Hook Grass, Horseshoe Golden, Peppermint, SriLanka Black Tea, etc. Combining Chinese Herbal Tea with Western Flower Tea and SriLanka Black Tea The versatile spring breeze is filled with a variety offormulas, which is another new choice for health tea.   Each pack of 3.0g can bebrewed with 500cc of water each time. Each pack can be brewed multiple times.Shelf life is two years per pack. Made in Taiwan.


   Osmanthusspicy, can be used as medicine. There are phlegm, cough, fluid, stop toothacheand other effects.


     Verbena's efficacy and function of cold; bittertaste; liver, spleen. Efficacy of heat detoxification, blood circulation, waterswelling. Treatment of exogenous fever, hot and humid jaundice, edema,dysentery, malaria, diphtheria, throat, gonorrhea, amenorrhea, dysentery,swollen sore, gums.


              Mint tea calms tension, refreshes depression,relieves coughing, relieves colds and headaches, aids digestion, eliminatesbloating or indigestion to relieve throat discomfort, aids appetite, digestion,relieves stomach pain and headache, and promotes metabolism , eliminate badbreath, sober up sober; there is enhanced physical strength, sedative effect,to help digestion, suitable for mixing in a variety of herbal tea. It canprevent bad breath. Stomach helps digestion, drives evil, cures headaches. 

Long ear woodproperties: bitter, cool or slightly cold, into the liver, spleen two classics,with Tonglin diuretic, insecticide cut back malaria, pain swelling, eliminateheat and dampness, detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects, can be used inheat treatment Linglin, Shilin, rheumatism and bone pain, red eyes andswelling, sore throat, gastroenteritis, qi stagnation and blood transfusion,Fengreganmao, acne, turbidity, stomatitis, hypertension, jaundice, bruises ,Bloated sores, tumors, gingivitis, gallbladder, otitis media, leucorrhea, badnews, periodontal disease, etc.

       Effectand role of Qianjinteng: diuretic, detoxification, expelling wind and dampness,swelling and pain relief; for malaria, dysentery, rheumatism, edema, turbidity,sore throat, toothache, stomach pain, hot and humid turbidity, urinationUnfavorable, bloated, sore, genital eczema, snake bite embolism.


    Chrysanthemum  Juju's taste is bitter, sweet and cool. After the return to the lungs, liver. The effect of heat detoxification, cooling blood scattered. Indications for cold fever, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, mumps,diphtheria, whooping cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis hemoptysis,epistaxis, hematuria, infectious hepatitis, dysentery, acne, acne swelling.


        Ear hook grass whole herbs, swelling and detoxification, pus and pain relief, attending pneumonia, multiple blisters, or chitis and oral erosion embolism.


         Horseshoe goldfunctions to treat heat and dampness, detoxification swelling. For hepatitis,cholecystitis, dysentery, nephritis edema, urinary tract infections, urinarystones, tonsillitis, bruises.


      Spring Beverage Drink 3.0g/30 packs per boxOriginal price NT$ 750.0 yuan per box USD$25.86 yuan RMB 166.6 yuan Sale priceNT$ 599.0 yuan USD 20.65 yuan RMB 133.1 yuan 

(1)Order 100 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 599.0 yuanUS$ 20.65 yuanRMB 133.1 yuan 

 (2) Order up to 300 boxes Sellingprice NT$ 539.0 yuan US$ 18.58 yuan RMB 119.8 Yuan

 (3) orders up to 500 boxes perbox sells for NT$  479.0 yuan per boxUSD$ 16.52 yuan RMB 106.4 yuan

(4) Orders up to 1,000 cartons Selling for NT$ 419.0 yuanUSD$ 14.45 yuanRMB 93.1 yuan

(5) Order up to 3,000 boxes NT$ 359.0 yuan per box US$ 12.39 yuan RMB79.7 yuan

 (6) Order Up to 5,000 boxes perbox sells for NT$ 299.0 yuan US$ 10.32 yuan per unit RMB 66.4 yuan

(7) Order up to 10,000 boxes Selling price NT$ 239.0 yuan  per box USD$ 8.26 yuan RMB 53.1yuan.

SGS Inspection TestReport BA/2018/61838, BA/2018/61838A-01

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  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2018-07-20
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