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Opro9 SmartDiaper

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If you’re worried about the cost of diapers, not knowing when your baby is ready for a diaper change, your baby suffers from diaper rash, or you want to help them through their potty training faster, the SmartDiaper can help you! This device pairs with your iPhone or Android device through an App via Bluetooth connection, and tracks the temperature and humidity of your baby’s diaper. The SmartDiaper App will help you by calculating the best time to change their diaper after they wet themselves. The App lets you know when your baby is starting to pee, and signals to you that you have to change their diaper. This is a must-have for all parents with a new baby as you can prevent nasty diaper rash and keep an eye on any confusing or worrying trends in the frequency or time your baby pees. Moreover, it can automatically record the time and frequency of your baby’s bathroom habits, which will help you predict their toilet breaks and schedule their potty training when they’re ready.

  • SENDS A REMINDER TO CHANGE DIAPER: When parents are busy and forget to change their baby’s diaper, it can remind them accurately when the best time is to change it.
  • SAVE THE COSTS OF DIAPERS: You no longer need to blindly change diapers when your baby pees. SmartDiaper will tell you what the best time is for you to change your baby’s diaper, making it easier to save money by reducing wasteful diaper changes.
  • REDUCE THE CHANCE OF DIAPER RASH: When your baby is peeing, this device notices it, tells you about it, and you can then reduce the chances of your baby getting a diaper rash.
  • GET A JUMP ON POTTY TRAINING: The SmartDiaper helps you keep track of the number and frequency of times your baby urinates, and it will allow you to potty train them faster and save tons of time.
  • EASY TO USE AND SAFE FOR BABIES: Its operation is very simple; there is a three-step process at the start and you only have to do it once! In addition, the device is made with non-toxic silicone gel, which is not harmful for babies.

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Last Update : 2017-10-26
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