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Oolong old tea / verbena / mulberry leaves / eucalyptus leaves / clear haze tea 3.5 g 20 package

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Taiwan Oolong Tea and Western Flower Tea


  • Haze tea : 3.5g/20 packs

Key Features

 Oolong old tea / verbena / mulberry leaves / eucalyptus leaves / clear haze tea 3.5g20 package

 Haze tea all ingredients: verbena, Scutellaria barbata, Scutellaria barbata, toon, mulberry leaves, Loquat leaves Old oolong tea's .Each pack of 3.5g can be brewed with 500cc of water, and each pack can be brewed many times. Shelf life is two years per package. Made in Taiwan.

  1.  The good taste of old tea is unforgettable: good old tea tastes mellow and full of sweetness, unlike the stimulating feeling of raw tea, which makes people breathe in the mouth of the throat, it is the unique taste of old tea, and it is also many The reason why tea friends can't put it down.


  1.  The ingredients of the old tea make people yearn for: Theanine contained in the tea leaves, which is an amino acid that can bring about a feeling of relaxation and pressure. It eventually becomes dopamine, which makes people feel relaxed and relaxed. After the old tea is alcoholized, Gallic acid is produced, which protects the heart and protects the blood vessels. In many studies, it has also been pointed out that drinking old tea is beneficial to the human body.


  1.  Old tea's artistic conception allows people to follow: Drinking more old tea can help the body to protect the environment, eliminate excess body oils, and keep the spirit refreshed. Therefore, people who drink old tea will feel comfortable and feel the energy of old tea. Balance your mind and body.

    Haze Tea 3.5g/20 packs per box sells for NT$ Price NT$ 599.0 US$ 20.65 RMB 133.10

(1) Order 100 boxes per box selling price NT$ 599.0 yuan US$ 20.65 yuan RMB 133.10 yuan  

(2) Order up to 300 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 539.0 yuan US$ 18.58 yuanRMB  119.8 yuan 

 (3) Order up to 500 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 479.0 yuan US$ 16.52 yuan RMB  106.4 yuan  

(4) Order up to 1,000 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 419.0 yuan US$ 14.46 yuan RMB  93.1 yuan   

(5) Order up to 3,000 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 359.0 yuan US$ 12.39 yuan RMB  79.7 yuan

 (6) Order up to 5,000 boxes NT$ 299.0 yuanper box US$ 10.32 yuan RMB  66.4 yuan

 (7) Order up to 10,000 boxes per box Selling price NT$ 239.0 yuan US$ 8.26 yuan RMB 53.1 yuan.

The SGS test report BA/2018/60217、BA/2018/60217A-01 

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 12 Box/ Boxes

Last Update : 2019-06-28
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