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Natural prevent loss hair combination

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Key Features

Product one

Easy to carry,Immediately Solve Scalp problem

REPAIR SCALP SPRAY :Repair Scalp Spray, the pre-treatment for hair growth, contains the exclusive dual ingredients, Sadorfons® and Mucinhair. It can reboot scalp vitality, nourish hair roots, provide protection, and restore hair's youth. It is even suitable for sensitive scalps to soothe the scalp and keep hair healthy.

 Product features :
A. Nourishes hair roots and scalp
B. Nourishes hair roots and scalpPre-treatment for hair growth
C. Soothes the discomfort of sensitive-type scalps
D. Provides protection and restores hair vitality
E. Also suitable for sensitive scalp use
F. Easy to carry

Product two

Hair care every day and night

:This product can revolutionarily repair scalp and hair roots with our exclusive dual ingredients, Sadorfons® and Mucinhair. It can effectively stimulate hair regeneration. With a renewed and healthy scalp, you can significantly solve most hair problems. It is estrogen free and suitable for both men and women.

Product features:
A. Effectively stimulates hair regeneration
B. Hair growth serum
C. Suitable for both men and women
D. Exclusive peptides modified from mucin, called Mucinhair
E. Estrogen free, medicine free
F. Revolutionarily repairs the scalp and hair roots
G. ¨NOT IRRITANT¨ proven by Abich Laboratory in the EU
 Product main ingredients

Sadorfons®:repairs and  restores scalp health
Mucinhair:the amino acids in milk can make hair strong while the enzymes can repair the cuticles nourish hair roots and recuperates oil secretion
Other Ingredients Lactoferrin: Anti inflammation recuperates Oil secretion
Chlorophyll: Anti oxidizing  

our special formula can strengthen hair promote scalp revitalization recuperate oil secretion creat a healthy growing environment for hair prevent hair loss and keep hair growing our cooperates with the top biomedical team to find the unique and precious ingredient in milk
the amino acids in milk can make hair strong while the enzymes can repair the cuticles nourish hair roots and recuperates oil secretion                                                                                                                                            

Note: Store in cool area to preserve natural active ingredients. Color may vary due to 100% botanical essential oils.
Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water immediately. If any skin discomfort, please consult with your doctor

Last Update : 2019-06-06
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