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[MLPB02] USB3.0 Wireless WiGig (IEEE802.11ad / 60GHz) Network Adapter

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MilliTronic CO., LTD.
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wireless gigabit USB3.0 adapter coverage for 180 degrees


  • Interface Type : USB
  • Products Status : Stock
  • Style : External
  • Type : Wireless

Key Features


The MLPB02 powered by Millitronic for 60GHz (IEEE 802.11ad) application, which includes radio and baseband chip with phase array. MLPB02 can be USB3.0 network adapter to communicate with IEEE 802.11ad Router. 


■ Baseband PHY and AFE
■ Adaptive beamforming for RF link budget
■ IEEE 802.11ad Compliance
■ Bi-direction communication
■ Dual Polarization 180 degree coverage
■ 2Gbps @ LOS 13 meters
■ USB3.0 plug and play
■ Size: 40.5mm X 30.5 mm
■ Power consumption 2.5W 

Radio/Baseband Characteristic

■ 4Tx/4Rx edge fire phase array
■ Single Carrier / Half Duplex
■ Support Ch1 / 58.32GHz, Ch2 / 60.48GHz, Ch3 / 62.64GHz, Ch4 / 64.80GHz
■ Support MCS 0~9 ( BPSK, QPSK )
■ Max EIRP 23 dBm
■ Sensitivity -62dBm @ MCS9
■ Authentication using WPA2-personal/ Enterprise 

Driver Support

■ Windows10
■ Linux kernel 3.19~4.4.X 


■ FCC approved for indoor use 

Connection Interface

■ Connection Interface 

Last Update : 2020-05-25
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