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Mix the sauce home

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  • Style : Preserved
  • Packaging  : Canned

Key Features

   Mix the sauce home

<1>the world's first spicy (small) Product Specifications: 195 grams

ProductCode: 4719866100026

Specialchili sauce, very hot, challenge your taste buds limit, please drop by drop.

Mainraw materials: pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper, sugar, bean drum, salad oil,hexanedric acid potassium (preservative)

Nutritionallymarked: (every 100 grams) (1) calories 128 kcal (2) protein 1.6 g (3) fat 5.4 g(4) saturated fat 0.9 g (5) trans fats 0 g (6) carbohydrates 18.3 g 7) sodium568 mg

Shelflife: two years


<2>Peeled pepper

ProductSpecifications: Content 360g ± 5% Solid content 160g ± 5% Product Code:4711326805953

Vacuumsterilization, nutrition is not lost. All available.

Ingredients:peeling pepper, licorice tablets, angelica tablets, soy sauce, monosodiumglutamate

Nutritionallymarked: (every 100 grams) (1) Heat 104 kcal (2) Protein 5g (3) Fat 4g (5) SatFat 1g (6) Trans Fat 0g (7) Carbohydrate 12g 8) Sodium 643 Hawk

Shelflife: two years


<3>Toon sauce Product Specifications: 370g / cans

ProductCode: 471132601462

Excellentflavor, all kinds of rice, noodles, steamed bread, toast sauce, porridgedishes, cooking seasoning.

Mainraw materials: toon, mushrooms, soybeans (non-genetically modified), sugar,watercress, soy protein, sodium gluconate, citric acid, soybean oil, salt,sesame seeds. Soy lecithin, disodium succinate,

Nutritionalmark: (every 100 grams) (1) calories 578 kcal (2) protein 12 grams (3) fat 50grams of saturated fat 7 grams (4) trans fat 0 grams (5) carbohydrate 20 grams(6) sodium 845 hacker (7) sugar 2.7 grams

Shelflife: 2 years


<4>Lentinus mixed sauce Product Specifications: 370 grams

ProductCode: 4714960102617

Canbe directly noodles, bibimbap, mixed vegetables, folder Tusi, excellent taste.

Mainraw materials: mushrooms, dried bean curd (non-genetically modified), meat,bean rolls, salt, sugar, melon, sesame oil, soybean oil, pepper red, pepper

Shelflife: 2 years

Nutritionalmark: (every 100 grams) (1) heat 547 kcal (2) protein 12 grams (3) fat 50 grams

(4)saturated fat 7 grams (5) trans fat 0.0 grams (6) carbohydrate 19 grams (7)sodium 772 mg (8) sugar 2.6 grams


<5>Spicy Toon Sauce Product Spec: 370 g / cans

ProductCode: 4711326803560

Excellentflavor, all kinds of rice, noodles, steamed bread, Tusi seasoning.

Mainraw materials: toon, mushrooms, meat, sugar, bean rolls. Chaotian pepper,melon, sesame oil, salad oil, salt, sesame, pepper

  Shelf life: 2 years

Nutritionalmark: (every 100 grams) (1) calories 578 kcal (2) protein 12 grams (3) fat 50grams of saturated fat 7 grams (4) trans fat 0 grams (5)

Carbohydrate20 grams (6) Sodium 845 Hauke


Products FOB offer USD $6.67 per tank 20 cans per case(1) order 100 cans of US $ 6.67 per tank(2) order300 cans of US $ 6.0 per tank(3) order 500 cans of US $ 5.34 per pot.(4) Order1,000 cans US $ 4.67 per tank

(5)Order 3,000 cans US $ 4.0 per tank

(6)Order 5,000 cans US $ 3.42 per tank.

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,Money Gram ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 5 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2018-10-13
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