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Mengzong bamboo bamboo tea tray

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Key Features

Mengzongbamboo bamboo tea tray

Phyllostachys edulis, knownas Phyllostachys edulis, alias: Phyllostachys edulis, alias: bamboo, bamboo,bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo), is widelygrown in the southern mountainous areas of economic crops, is a kind of bamboograss. Located in the subtropical climate zone, the best growth of 500 to 1,600meters above sea level.


     Cylindrical stalk scattered high, stalkring does not uplift, stalk upper part of each branch has two branches;lanceolate leaves, leaf sheath slightly fine hair. Roots concentrated dense,fast growth of bamboo stalks (height of up to 28 meters), the growth of large.But if Mengzongzhu grows in places where the altitude is too low, the bamboowill be thinner, and the output of winter bamboo shoots will dropsignificantly. Mengzong bamboo will secrete plant alkaloids, flavonoids inhibitthe growth of other plants.


Mengzong bamboo bamboofestival, structural tough, short growth time, high economic value. Mengzongzhuwidely used in construction, eagle planes, advertising billboards stent,decoration and so on.


Mengzong bamboo shoots canbe eaten. In the winter harvest delicious, known as the "winter bambooshoots"; spring and summer harvest harder and bitter, known as"bamboo shoots", mostly made dried bamboos.


    Mengzong bamboo laminated glued, afterseveral times the surface coating, meticulous laser engraved bamboo tea tray.Very unique, practical and commemorative value.


Mengzong bamboo bamboo teatray 30cm X 20cm per market price USD $ 25.0 per box 12(1) order 1 ~ 5 boxesper USD $ 25.0 yuan(2) order up to 10 boxes / 120 each USD $ 20.0 yuan(3) orderup to 25 cases / 300 per USD $ 15.0 yuan(4) order up to 50 boxes / 600 per USD$ 10.0yuan.

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Last Update : 2017-08-31
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