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Lohan fruit loquat throat sugar

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Lohanfruit loquat throat sugar

    Mango fruit (scientific name: siraitiagrosvenorii), commonly known as "fairy fruit", is a cucurbitaceaeperennial vines. Its leaves heart-shaped, dioecious, summer flowering, autumnresults. Native to southern China and northern Thailand. The fruit of the plantgrows in China as a sweetener for a low-calorie cool drink, and in traditionalChinese medicine, Chinese medicine takes medicine with its fruit, containsmogroside, a variety of amino acids and vitamins With ingredients, attendinglung heat phlegm fire cough, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, acute gastritis,constipation, etc. [1], Mangosteen is Guilin, Guangxi, China famous specialty"Guilin Sambo" one.


    Mature loquat taste sweet, nutritious,there are a variety of fructose, glucose, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calciumand vitamins A, B, C and so on. Which the carotene content in the fruit for thethird. Chinese medicine that loquat fruit has lungs, cough, thirst quenchereffect. When eating loquat to peeling. In addition to fresh, but also made ofloquat meat canned sugar canned, or loquat wine. Loquat, whether leaves, fruitsand nuclei contain amygdalin.


    Mangosteen loquat throat sugar Ingredients:glucose syrup, sugar, peppermint oil, loquat leaves, honeysuckle, platycodonand other components.


 Product FOB priceMangosteen loquat throat sugar 200G * 24 cans, storage period of 2 years,(1)order 600 boxes per box US $ 4.0 (2) Order 1,500 boxes per box US $ 3.34 (3)Order 3,000 boxes per box US $ 3.0.


Gingersugar products,Othersare nougat, sheep lactose, alishan oolong tea candy, ginseng candy, cola candy,ginger candy, candy, etc. FOB price 400G * 12 package, the preservation period of 1 year,(1)Order $ 600 per package in US $ 500 per package (2) Order 1,500 per package US$ 3.34 per package (3) Order 3,000 per package US $ 3.0 per package.

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Last Update : 2017-12-08
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