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LiFePO4 Cell (Specification: 3.2V20AH)

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Key Features

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 also called LEP Battery) is kind of Li-Ion rechargeable battery for high power applications, such as EV car, E-scooter, E-bike and E-boat.  LFP cells feature with high discharging current, non explosive, long cycle life (>2000@0.2C rate, IEC Standard), but its energy density is lower than normal Li-Ion cell (Li-Co) (higher NiMH cell). LFP cell has 3.2V nominal working voltage and shall be cut-off power at 3.6-3.8V per cell during charging. Please see the table below to see comparison between LFP and other rechargeable batteries. LFP battery has the lowest cost if considering its long cycle life.

Hybrid electric car, electric vehicle, E-scooter, E-bike, E-boat, storage system for green energy (solar cell, fuel cell), and UPS system. Lithium-ion battery is a green product and is considered to be the best substitutes for Lead-Acid Storage Battery.

Electric vehicles (EV) will play an important role in the automobile industry in the foreseen future, in which the battery is a very important key component. The traditional lead-acid battery, not only cause high degree of pollution, it also features with low efficiency. Lithium iron phosphate batteries, with features of high safety, stable power output, fast charging capability, can be discharged by an instant large voltage current, long lifecycle, high energy density, and consistent with requirements of green energy, is the best battery for EVs.

Advantages of LiFePO4 Battery
1. The best substitutes for Lead-Acid Storage Battery.
2. Lower Pollution and environment friendly
3. High Safety, no fire, and no explosion
4. Aluminum Can Design, Light Weight
5. Strong instant peak power
6. Wide working temp. range
7. Long Life Cycle
8. Fast Charge

.Product Name: LiFePO4 Cell
.Model Number: 2295H4
.Specification: 3.2V20AH
.Certification: UL 1642, IEC 62133, UN 38.3
.MOQ: 8pcs
.10Kup/ Monthly: 1.3~1.4/Ah
.100up Under10k/ Monthly: 1.4~1.7/Ah
.Samples Under 100: 2/Ah

.Delivery Term/Lead Time: 
   1. FOB Taiwan. 
   2. Samples 8 weeks,First Order 8weeks~10weeks, Forecast 5weeks~8weeks

.Payment Term: 
   1.Samples 100% TT in advance 
   2. Others 30% TT in advance & 70% before Shipment

   1.Customize item MOQ: 100k per lot unless pay for all extra expense 
   2. 3 years warranty 
   3. Insurance & Freight charge is not included

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 8

Last Update : 2014-10-09
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