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[Killing Virus]DIY Silver Ion air filter - lot ship

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ST A20060AB
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[Killing Virus]DIY Silver Ion air filter


  • Type : Activated Carbon Air Filters,Air Cooling Fan,Dehumidifier,Air Ionizer,Bathroom Fan,Humidifier,Electrostatic,Emergency Fan,Germicidal UV Lamp,Ventilation Fan,HEPA Filter,Water Mist Fan,Negative Ion,Ozone Generator,Photocatalyst
  • 20x60 cm : 2 pieces of non-woven fabric with double sided stickersric

Key Features

DIY Silver Ion Air Filter

A clean and safe airflow and preventing infection from any bacteria or viral is key to protect people, patients, nursing homes, dental offices, etc. We provides air filter solutions for the most demanding environments.

Product Features

  • Japan Virus Lab ISO 18184 certified
  • Patented Coating Worldwide
  • Still Working When Darkness
  • 99.9% Assurance For Decomposing Corona -Virus
  • Non-Toxic
  • Surgical Facial Mask Material


Open and get filter out, cut into the size you need (sticky side is suggested about 1/2~1/3) then it’s done.  See illustrated pictures aside.

Range Of Use

Air conditioning equipment: air conditioner; air cleaner; dehumidifier; electric fan; car air conditioner filter


  • It works more effectively with regular replacement:
  • The major virus filtering function comes from barrier of surgical mask fabric and nano synthesis ingredients to inhibit and decompose virus. To avoid burden of circulation machine and decreased repeatability when accumulated too many particles and dusts, please have regular filter replacement to ensure the air quality. ( the period of use is 6 months, but for public area, such as kindergartens, public transportation, hospital lifts…etc, suggested to replace every 1~1.5 month.)
  • primary supplies,no return after unpacking.

Applicable Venues

Medical care centers, schools, offices, restaurants, gyms, elevators, …etc.


1. Open the hood and find the filter lock of the air intake pipe
2. Open the lock to see the air filter

3. Take out the air filter

4. Lightly brush the dirty surface of the air filter

5. Cut the filter to cover the entire area and set aside two sides

6 Note that the reserved double-sided tape should not exceed the side wall of the filter

7. The reserved area is used for sticking double-sided tape

8. Paste two pieces of double-sided tape on each side

9.Tear off the double-sided adhesive and firmly adhere the non-woven filter cloth

10. The other side also needs to be adhered tightly

11. Put it back in the air filter box

12. Do not crease the non-woven filter to affect the sterilization effect

13.Close the air filter box

14. Lock the air filter box lock

The air filter of each car model is slightly different. It is recommended that the car technician install it for safety!
After use, the filter will be stained with dust and reduce the filtering performance. It is recommended to replace with a new product within 1.5 months
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Product Certification


    High Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter

Last Update : 2021-01-06
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