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Kaohsiung 147 Fragrant Rice 2kg

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  • Type : Common
  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack
  • rice : Fragrant Rice

Key Features


Kaohsiung 147 Fragrant Rice

Kaohsiung City agriculturalimprovement field (hereinafter referred to as Kaohsiung field) to cultivatesuitable for the United States and the production of rice varieties - Kaohsiung147 (incense drill), as a variety of varieties, fragrant rice in the market hasa certain interest and consumer groups, Kaohsiung 147 It is a new breed thathas been cultivated in 1999. It can show the characteristics of high quality,high yield and pest resistance, especially in the middle of Taitung and CentralChina. Compared with the existing varieties of rice varieties, and its qualitythan the field of another high-quality rice varieties Kaohsiung 145 (for fiveconsecutive years selected top ten classic good rice) have gone, in the fieldof rice expert technical guidance, At the same time to enhance the purity ofrice and high-quality rice production technology, for the "rice KaohsiungNo. 147 varieties and good quality production technology" for technicalauthorization, together for the development of rice industry together.


Kaohsiung 147 is the firstbreed of rice varieties, with high yield, lodging resistance, anti-spotted liceof fine characteristics, and its rice has a touch of taro fragrance, taste goodquality, try to eat people are not praise In the rational cultivation offertilization cultivation mode, that is able to have a good production capacityand quality, in the organic cultivation and management can also have excellentperformance, so the performance of the fertilizer, the use of fertilizer, , Isalso a suitable for organic cultivation of varieties. Grain white rice roundedfull, crystal clear, boiled rice with elegant taro sweet, moderate viscosity atthe entrance, excellent flexibility, fragrant Q delicious taste of food is notgreasy, quite suitable for cooking rice or congee The


"BridgeTaiwanese rice 2KG Taiwan Aromatic Rice 2KG" 10 bags / box
, Outer box 46 (H) x32 (W) x25 (D) Gross weight (G. W.) 21KG Unopened for 12months at room temperature,
Market price perbox FOB USD $ 80.0 yuan(1) Order of up to 30 boxes per box USD $ 80.0 (2) Order30 ~ 50 boxes per box USD $ 75.0 (3) Order 50 ~ 100 boxes per box USD $ 70.0(4) Order 100 ~ 500 boxes USD $ 65.0 per order (5) Order 500 ~ 1000 boxes perbox USD $ 60.0 (6) Order 1000 ~ 5000 boxes per box USD $ 56.67 yuan.



Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,Money Gram ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 10 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2018-10-13
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