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(Jasmine Delight) Fragrance Sticks Reed Diffuser Starter

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(Jasmine Delight) Fragrance Sticks Reed Diffuser Starter


  • Content : 80ml/pcs
  • Package : 12pcs/ctn

Key Features

  • Fragrances sticks

1.2012 Marketing leading seies-Fragrances sticks

2.8cm thick wood & 18cm long wood stick vaporization to make long lasting scents more than 2 months

3.Natural aroma delighting your dwelling with spa-like atmosphere

4.High CP value

  1. Japanese deodorizing factor effectively removes odor
  2. essential oils, scent, relieve stress
  3. Wood color bamboo and rattan makeup home space


  • feature of product

1.The new essential oil healing system is a fragrance that provides a relaxing, refreshing and immersive atmosphere for experiencing the top SPA fragrances.

2.To taste master bamboo wood incense to use natural plants to remove odor, provide 6 weeks of fresh air, good taste, so that the indoor at any time to maintain a pleasant fragrance.

3.Adjust the amount of bamboo and rattan placement according to the individual's scent.


  • Fragrance:

Available in Pure Musk, Light Jasmine, Classic Rose, Bergomot


  • How to use:

Step1: Remove the wooden lid from the glass jar and discard the used bamboo vine.

Step2: Open the lid of the outer box and remove the bottle and bamboo vine.

Step3: Unscrew the bottle cap and pour it into the glass bottle.

Step4: After covering the wooden lid, place the bamboo rattan in a glass bottle.

Step5: Place it on any platform horizontally and wait for the bamboo and rattan to slowly release the fragrance.

Note: When moving the product, place the glass bottle in the palm of your hand and move it with the cover.


  • Precautions
  1. This product should not be placed in a tilted position to prevent essential oils from leaking and causing damage.
  2. The contents of this product contain natural ingredients, and if the color or precipitation is normal.
  3. Please place it in a place where children and pets are not easily accessible, and do not touch the skin directly. If you do not touch it, wash it immediately.
  4. If you accidentally touch your eyes, flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  5. Please store in a cool place, avoid access to fire and high temperature places.
  6. This product is fragile, please be careful.
  7. Please do not put it in direct sunlight and high temperature places (including the car), (baking) paint material, artificial leather, plastic products and other furniture, please follow the product label.
  8. Please use a new product after the pine block is used three times with the supplement bottle to achieve the best effect of the product.



‧ This product is not edible. If you accidentally eat it, do not induce vomiting. !

‧Please use it in accordance with this product logo.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 5,004 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2021-04-21
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