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Hydrogen Elf Laundry Ball

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Natural environmental protection, decontamination, washing, anti-bacterial, deodorizing, anti-knotting, saving money, a new revolution in laundry


  • colour : Green/blue/purple

Key Features

Hydrogen Elf Laundry Ball

Product Features

●Product MIT manufacturing

●Natural Hydrogen Washing Method

●The new choice of laundry can be washed 300 times

●Material increase without price increase, each containing 100 grams is twice that of the same type of product in Japan

●Clean, environmentally friendly, healthy wash

●Alkaline laundry ball alkaline water quality

●The laundry will not be knotted and will not damage the clothes

●Better cleaning power through cloth fibers

●The high-grade TPR material of the shell guarantees no plasticizer

●Food grade materials refine water molecules to decompose dirt

●Does not add any chemical agents, will not harm human skin, washing baby/children’s clothes is more secure and clean. Safe. Healthy washing

●Natural environmental protection reduces environmental pollution, and can be directly put into the soil as fertilizer after use

Instructions for use:

            The natural environment-friendly water-based laundry ball is made of high-purity 99.9% food-grade alkaline magnesium mineral ball, and does not contain any chemical detergent ingredients. (One ball can wash 3 kg of clothes) converts tap water into natural alkaline water and produces it quickly Hydrogen bubbles make water molecules smaller. The alkaline water is the same as detergent, and it can clean clothes more deeply. When using, put the laundry ball (or laundry treasure) into the washing machine and soak for 30 minutes before starting to wash. The best results can be achieved. When the laundry ball hits the clothes, it will bring the finer hydrogen water molecules into the clothes and take away the dirt that cannot be cleaned in the clothes fibers. This is an effect that ordinary laundry detergents cannot achieve. The washed clothes are softer and fluffy, no chemical residues, no harm to human skin, no damage to clothes, safe and harmless, the whole family can use it with peace of mind and can be used repeatedly about 300 times.

Q&A Little World of Hydrogen Fairy:

Fat Blue: How to use the laundry ball?

Elf: It can be used alone or with a small amount of detergent. It takes more than 15-30 minutes for the natural alkaline magnesium hydrogen mineral ball to react with water. To ensure the use effect, the laundry ball can be soaked in water in advance. Better decontamination effect.

Fat Blue: How long does the laundry ball last? How to save it normally?

Elf: A laundry ball can be used for more than 300 times (about a year). After use, it can be dried in a ventilated place.

Fat Blue: Can the laundry ball achieve deep cleansing effect?

Elf: Yes, the most important thing for the laundry ball is to change the nature of the water. The laundry ball contains alkaline hydrogen magnesium particles. Using this feature to change the tap water into alkaline water and produce hydrogen, small molecules are more likely to penetrate clothing. ( Most of the dirt in daily life clothes can be cleaned by the laundry ball, which is not possible with ordinary laundry detergents.

Fat Blue: Do I need to take out the laundry ball when I am dehydrating?

Elf: The design of the washing ball can be used for the whole washing and dehydration process. After the whole process is over, take it out and dry it in a ventilated place.

Fat Blue: Is the laundry ball harmful to the human body?

Elf: This product has passed SGS international testing, no chemical substances are released, and no harmful substances to the human body, so it can be used with confidence.

Fat Blue: What is the scope of the laundry ball?

Elf: Personal clothing, including baby clothing, can be washed. For high-end clothing, please add a protective device and wash it in the washing machine.

Fat Blue: Can the laundry ball be used to clean clothes completely?

Elf: The clothes that are changed every day, the day is cleaned, the cleaning force is better, if the clothes have been stored for a long time or are more stained, you can add an appropriate amount of detergent.

 It is recommended to rub the sleeves, collars and other parts that are not easy to clean first, and then put them in the washing machine.

Fat Blue: How many do I need to use at a time?

Elf: For general household use, it is recommended to use two, if it is a large washing machine, you can put three to four, which is more effective in removing dirt. 

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 100 Piece(s)


    The new revolution in laundry

Last Update : 2021-07-23
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