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Human Most Loyal Friend Oil Painting For Living Room

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Human most loyal friend


  • Style : Realist,Realist
  • Type : Handpainted,Oil Painting
  • 380g : 27.5*34.5*1.5cm

Key Features

Human most loyal friend

Laifu-loyal dog

Many people have left me since my husband passed out. My relatives who have a good relationship and respect each other, do not know why, avoiding me from the same distance? May be afraid of my proximity, will borrow money from relatives and friends! Indeed, I have borrowed money for medical expenses many times. Someone asked me for interest before I was willing to lend me money, and it was a close relative of my husband. There are also people who tell the judge that I want to detain my husband’s salary and not let me use it with children. At that time, I lost confidence in people, I feel that the world is dark, and the human heart is sinister and deceitful. Recalling the happy time when I was a child, a loyal dog raised at home, called Laifu, always guards me when I am out, and treats me as a lamb, and thinks of the sheepdog. I am always happy and happy. In the face of her husband’s fainting, terrible relatives and friends, as well as netizens who attacked me and were rumored by rumors without knowing it. I have drawn a blessing, and I am delighted to think of the blessing. Of course, the above is not a fiction, it is a fact, and we welcome confirmation.

  • Good for wall decor, treasure wall art is great gift for your relatives and friends.
  • 100% satisfied guarantee. Buy with confidence!

Two dogs

Chinese people don't like two dogs, because the two dogs have the meaning of "cry", so some people told me that because I had two dogs at the time, I hope that I can draw a picture of the way I want to draw by drawing. Draw a dog, so that the family is three dogs! You can avoid the word "crying" superstition.

Human most loyal friend

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : PayPal
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-12-10
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