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heritage handmade SOAP 20g

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Xu-viewheritage handmade SOAP line 2016/06/17 launched

[1] Heritage handmade soap with drawings by the Tropic of cancer, the Millennium five JackPine.

 Framing is theTropic of cancer on behalf of Taiwan location and latitude, Millennium fiveJack Pine framing valleys are the Millennium Tree Wuchang road, we have tolearn their heritage education a success.

  [2] the text verse Gui Liude opening sizefragrance 

Cheng ZhangShun Lu Ann

    This pattern is the Gui Huaxiang Germany toexplore the path of life, to incense the path opened smoothly, undertakeworshipping God by the Holiness and virtue, learning their spirit and let youopen a leaf may virtue itself Fu Yun-Hui Chang Shun, you can safely open theroad to children.

 Ingredients:peach, Lemongrass, mulberry leaves, hibiscus, pomegranate, Qi Li Xiang, fiveJack Pine, rhizoma chuanxiong, peppermint essential oil, lanolin, glycerin andother components. Weight 100g market NT$ 100 Yuan and 20g market NT$ 25 Yuan twoboth.

 Uses: bath cleaner body andfacial special.

 Handmade SOAP is passing really fragrant powder modulation between purification effectswelcome users trying to order, Gong Gongtang ordered 100g to tour operators andXiang Yi Xiang Gong Tang gift,20g to out of Office for travel and easy tocarry. 

  Heritage handmade SOAP 20Gprice per Pack 25 Yuan (1)300 packages in the package of 20 Yuan (2)500 Pack 18/ Pack (3)1000 Package package of 15 Copyright (4)3000 packages per Pack 10Copyright (5)5000 packages within each package 9 Yuan with printed logo(6)  10000 package 8 with printed logo.


  SOAP 100g price per box of 100 Yuan (1)300boxes per box 70 Yuan (2)500 Pack per box of 60 Yuan (3)1000 cartridges per box50 Yuan / include copyright (4)3000 boxes per box 40 Copyright (5)5000 boxesper Pack 35 Yuan with printed logo (6) 10000 box each box 30 Yuan with printedlogo.

 SGStest report UP/2017/70547UP/2017/70547A-01 

Xu view website: http://www.syuguan.com  and http://syuguan.en.taiwantrade.com


email :syuguan198@gmail.com

 tel:886-4756-9251 fax : 886-4755-8781

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Last Update : 2017-08-30
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