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H+ Plus UC-P Total Protection Mouthwash

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Golden patent technical ,Against oral 12 type of bacteria


  • Feature : Anti-Bacterial,Anti-Clvity,Blasic Cleaning,For Senstivite Teeth,Oral Refreshing,Withening
  • Use : Home

Key Features

H+ plus UC antiseptic series

The best choice for you!
Antiseptic , remove odor, preventing enterovirus and flu
Antiseptic 1st choice , all in one , new choice for take care children

►Antiseptic►Japanese patent
►Remove odor► suitable for pregnant►baby and sensitive skin

「Doctors focus on the antiseptic and water safety.」
Disinfection and antiseptic in daily life is the most important thing for our healthy.

What’s UC patent anti-bacterial technical?
Natural material, friendly environment and moderate anti-bacterial
Adopting Europe, America, Japan drinking water disinfection ingredients.
Substitute alcohol, bleaching liquid and hypochlorous acid and so on.

UC patent technical

Combining professional scholars investigation more than 10 years of in-depth research and development,
create cross generation UC technical, breakthrough the shortcomings and not save easily of the previous gaseous chlorine dioxide.

Golden patent technical

be honored with

-Won Taiwan International Invention gold medal
-Russia Archimedes Invention silver medal
-World Health Organization A1 level recommended disinfection technology

●The report from research center for emerging viral infections
-Inhibit enterovirus 71 effectively
-Inhibit flu A,B type effectively
●Pass the biocompatibility safety test in China Medical University
●Recommended by the WHO, inhibit bacteria higher than 90%
●SGS Taiwan Standard Inspection Center demonstrate inhibit 11 type of bacteria and 2type of Fungi
●Guangzhou Respiratory Therapy Research Institute demonstrates inhibit H7N9、PR8、RSV、ADV3 virus effectively.

UC-P Natural oral health care

Main component UC-P gaseous chlorine dioxide
Other component- sodium benzoate、Electrolysed water、methyl salicylate

►Not incorporate fluoride, alcohol, artificial color, pregnant and child can rest assured.
►Food grade formula, mild prescription, do not irritate Oral mucosa
►Against oral 12 type of bacteria, inhibit bacteria and moth repellent

Do you suffer from oral problems?

What is original about oral cavity problem?

It is oral bacteria.

When the protein and other substances in the saliva which are attached to the teeth, the gums will form thin film. If not clean immediately, it will produce a lot of bacteria and get sick easily.

UC-P Natural oral health care. no fluorine and alcohol.

mild prescription oral health care , protect oral cavity health

Oral cleaning ,Fresh breath, Gum health care, Periodontal cleaning

360° deeply inhibit bacteria
give you Fresh breath

Easy use
After brush teeth and meal, 10-20CC per time. Rinsing the mouth 30 second and spit out.
Keep good habit, give you teeth health care

Use any time anywhere
►Good taste►no alcohol►no fluorine►not only clean but also antiseptic

The above price
1.Does not include freight
2.do not include duties, taxes, or other non-routine customs brokerage charges.

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  • Minimum Order : 100 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-12-02
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