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Green tea powder and green tea powder and black tea powder

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Key Features

Greentea powder and green tea powder and black tea powder

     The difference between the green tea andthe green tea powder is mainly steaming / fried cyanine, as well as lowtemperature grinding / general grinding different. Green tea powder and greentea are green tea production, green tea powder is relatively strict production,quality and flavor is also better. The following is the difference betweengreen tea and green tea:


     Steamed crystal / fried Jing were: teapicking to kill Jing, that is, let the tea activity disappeared. General greentea, oolong tea, will use the pot fried tea Jing, the advantage is fast andcheap, the disadvantage is that tea will change color change. Steaming cost ishigher, but the tea nutrition is less likely to lose, made of fresh powder isbetter, tea flavor is also more abundant.


     Green tea powder grinding temperature islow, tea powder fresh preservation is better. Because the grinding isrelatively small, the application of food production is also better use.


      Japanese green tea powder is required tocontrol the temperature, that is, to low-temperature grinding, so that thepreservation of tea will be better. Low-temperature grinding requires apatented machine, the time and cost are relatively high, which also makes thegreen tea powder and green tea powder cost difference is very big.


     Grinding the number of: general green teapowder grinding head can be about 100 head, fineness and white powder almost.Matcha is required in more than 250 heads, so grinding out the powder is moredelicate, used to make drinks, cakes better results, nutrition Ye Haoabsorption.


     Match tea and green tea differences, are:1. Tea with steamed or fried. 2. Grinding temperature. 3. Grinding delicatedegree. Simply put, green tea is a kind of green tea powder, but requires ahigher quality better. Although the appearance does not look big, but in theproduction of food, save the performance, green tea powder than green teapowder many excellent.


Whenbrewing green tea, the water

    temperature is controlled at about 80 degrees to 90degrees. If you brew green tea powder, to 40 degrees to 60 degrees or so warmwater can brew. Weight is 2 grams of green tea powder with 450cc of boiledwater.


     Brewing tea leaves the first bubble do notdrink, rushed to the hot water after the swing can be drained. Brewed tea in 30minutes to 60 minutes to drink, otherwise the nutritional content of tea willbecome unstable.


     Green tea powder can not be soaked toothick, otherwise it will affect the secretion of gastric juice, fasting is bestnot to drink.

   Healthy green tea bath

     Green tea is the pioneer of the slimmingregiment, the green tea residue (3 times the amount) or the tea bag (3-5 bags)soaked in water, wrapped in gauze, put the bag into the bath water can bebathing, Take about 20 minutes.


     Efficacy: to eliminate fatigue, speed upthe body's blood circulation and fat consumption, both whitening effect. Note:Do not use overnight tea.


Green tea powder perkilogram FOB offer US $ 35.0 yuan 10kg per pack (1) order 60kg, US $ 33.34 per kilogram(2) order 100 kg, US $ 31.67 per kilogram(3) order300 kg or more, US $ 30.0 per kilogram(4) order 500 kg, US $ 28.34 per kilogram(5)Order 1,000 kg or more, US $ 26.67 per kg.


    Greentea powder, black tea powder per kilogram FOB offer US $ 45.0 yuan 10kgper pack (1) order 60 kg, US $ 40.0 per kilogram(2) order 100 kg, US $ 36.67per kilogram(3) order 300 kg or more, US $ 35.0 per kilogram(4) order 500 kg ormore, US $ 30.0 per kilogram(5) Order 1,000 kg or more, US $ 25.0 per kg.


     Green tea powder, black tea powder 150gper package FOB offer US $ 11.84 yuan(1) order 60 packs, US $ 10.34 per pack(2)order 100 packs, US $ 8.84 per package(3) order 300 inclusive, above US $ 7.34per package(4) Order 500 inclusive or above, US $ 5.84 per pack(5) Order 1,000included above, US $ 4.5 per package. 

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Last Update : 2017-09-19
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