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Four seasons spring tea sticks 600g

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  • Type : Green Tea
  • Packaging  : Bag

Key Features

Fourseasons spring tea  sticks

Four seasons spring tea isa new famous tea, both the taste of oolong tea, and green tea aroma, suitablefor four seasons to drink, so called the four seasons spring tea, taste aromaQingyi, mellow taste. Is a kind of planting in Taiwan is very wide, the outputis also a great variety of tea varieties, can be seen in all parts of Taiwantraces of the general four seasons spring tea is made of four seasons tea madeof oolong tea. Four seasons spring tea is a large number of reasons because itis quite strong tea is not easy to get sick, and a year can harvest 6 to 8times, making farmers competing to plant.


     Tea stem has been, tea people do not drinktea stem habits. Tea stems contain a considerable amount of aroma substances, teain the processing process, the aroma from the stem transferred to the buds, tohave the appropriate tea stems to produce fragrant high-flavor tea. Althoughthe nutritional content of tea stem is limited, but now there are tea peoplebegan to enjoy the tea stems, and the United States and its name "boiledtea stem tea."


Chinese name tea stem aliastea branch that has the appropriate tea stalks to make the flavor of the thicktea to add the tea.


As the name suggests, theso-called tea stem, refers to the leaves of the leaf. This is just a generalexplanation. And here the so-called "tea stem", especially from thefinished tea picked the leaves of the stem, the most common is Tieguanyin teastem, also known as tea.


Bath tea time about twominutes, the best ironing twice, to go to its grass green gas. Wait until thewater nearly three boiling, the tea will be washed into the tea stem, boiledabout six minutes, tea fragrance revealed tea, you can turn off the fire.


It is worth noting that teawith the tea stem method filter out the taste of tea, tea and plain, tea heartwonderful, the most appropriate meditation or tea ceremony of the tea faithful,not only convenient, and simple, the most beneficial tea Germany. Can be usedto the world of the abandoned, to the achievements of my life a career,presumably tea is the most important meaning. Such as the value of the winter,the tea room alone, burning incense chanting, Jianshui tea, occasional income,so slightly in mind, if really beneficial tea Germany, useful beings, the goodMo Yan.


Some leaves left leaves andcold tea, do not easily lose, made of external application of the affectedarea, often able to save the skin between the distress. Experts advise,suitable for wiping the bottom of the skin, the texture is often soft andmeticulous, of which the fermentation of oolong tea, such as: Tieguanyin,Phoenix single Cong, Taiwan mountain oolong better.


     Those hard tea stems and rough leaves atthe end, as long as you touch your hand to know how they are not suitable foruse in the face. Will not drink cold green tea temperature is low when thenight can also be cleansing water, soaked cotton wipe the skin, which catechinscan shrink pores, increase skin elasticity.


     This product is more suitable for foamblack tea and tea industry and public tea, good quality tea can be used whenthe tea sales will not hit their own signs, cheap and not color sweet alcoholinto the throat, the general want to drink tea do not drink half Fermented teais the most economical and practical choice, it is the bubble black tea and teaand public tea the best choice.

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Last Update : 2017-05-19
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