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Feet loyalty package 12 g

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Meridian bubble bag

Key Features

 components: ape tail vine, and white thousand layer, and disc grass, and clay ox seven, and wood thief, and chuanxiong, and alone live, and cocklebur child, and hook vine, and rice tree, and big fennel, and nine Xiong, and vine Jing child, and Tiger rod, and Gan Lan, and summary Atsuko, and Habitat, and forest voted root, and livistona chinensis, and Lu bamboo root, and Xin Yi, and I art, and night make vine, and Tribulus terrestris, and haoben, and dogwood, and frankincense, and Shi Husui, and tea, and cypress wood powder, composition, for family total industry head disease conditioning.


  Bone disease and stasis injury conditioning, this formula original for saved bitter D4, because over miscarriage and flexor playing into injury grievances, and feudal times was gave white silk hanging injury by development, future will combined Yu saved bitter C3, its formula components: bone broken fill, and Salvia, and wild Peony, and connection bone Dan, and rest incense, and cursory tire, and Tiger bite by xinhuang Pian, and shot dry, and Cork, and light bamboo, and big green leaves, and should be (wood radical) Wu, and big leaves Jack pulled, and Wellington fairy, and mountain Brown, and red duck extension grass, and round Tsai spent, and medlar root, and livistona chinensis, and Sophora flavescens root , Oolong tea, continued, new flavor combinations. Functions: bone diseases and bruising conditioning.


 Body endearingly medicinal formula required: Caulis spatholobi murraya Paniculata,Fragrant, five Jack Pine, plantain, Ding Huang, Radix sophorae and stretchingRib grass, scutellaria, Angelica dahurica, costus root, Acorus, and Sambucus formosana, Daisy wood, dandelions and Wormwood Artemisia, pomegranate, scale rice vine, Ligustrum, cocklebur, ear hooks, grass, water, cloves, vitex, three white grass, plantain, hedyotis Diffusa, aggregata, filled the first two parties enough to increase its efficiency.


Feet feet named loyalty package12g package price FOB NT $ 60 order

(1)100 Pack every bag NT $ 54 Yuan / Pack (2)300 Pack NT $ 48 Yuan /Packages

(3)500 packets per Pack NT $ 42 Yuan /Package (4)1000 packages per Pack NT $ 36 Yuan package inciude printed trademarks

(5)3000 Package package NT $ 30 Yuan / package inciude printed trademarks

(6)5000 Package package NT $ 26 Yuan / package inciude printed trademarks

(7)10000 Package package NT $ 22 Yuan / package inciude printed trademarks.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : DA ,TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 2 Carton/Cartons

Last Update : 2018-10-19
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