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Facial Recognition Thermometer

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Your best health care thermometer solution - Facial Recognition with Temperature Measuring

Key Features

Product Introduction

About product Facial Recognition Thermometer (CS2020) facial temperature measurement system is a product developed by applying the world's top thermal imaging temperature detection  and the top face recognition algorithm of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The device uses thermal imaging to detect the whole face temperature distribution for body temperature calculation, which greatly improves the rapid and accurate non-contact screening of human body temperature. At the same time, the cross application of near-infrared living detection and visible light face recognition technology greatly improves the efficiency of living body detection and the accuracy of face recognition. The system supports 1:1 and 1: n mode switching, and runs in Android 8.1 and above system environment. It has the characteristics of fast face recognition, high accuracy, high security and good stability. This product is a special face temperature detection product, which can replace the traditional thermometer on the market.

Applicable Scenarios
Schools, canteens, hospitals, office buildings, customs, government units, tourist attractions, factories, construction sites, health care projects, etc.
Product Features and Working Principle
It is simple setup and automatic measuring body temperature and recognizing identity in 3 seconds. 

The short time empowers the user to obtain high quality and high volume data efficiently and safely. 

   ¹  Distance : 30 to 50 cm / 12 to 20 in.
   ²  Reading Time : 3 seconds per person
   ³  Accuracy : ±0.3° C / ±0.5° F in ambient temperature +15~+33° C
   ⁴  Display Mode : User Name(can be defined)
   ⁵  Picture Storage : 5000 pictures (expandable)
   ⁶  Ambient Humidity : 10% ~ ≤90%
   ⁷  Power : DC 12V / 2A
   ⁸  Power Consumption : ≤ 16W
   ⁹  Display Size : 7 inch. 

  • Body temperature and face detection at the same time, fast and accurate.
  • Face recognition attendance application.
  • Opening IO signal, Wigan signal, RS485, RS232, TTL URAT signal control.
  • Support offline use.
  • Support for visitors booking, We-Chat official account visitors self help appointment, user.
  • Registration supports access to the card / ID card reader.
  • It supports 1: n verification and binocular live detection in 1: n mode to prevent photo and video attacks.
  • In the case of external ID card reading, it supports 1:1 verification, and the recognition pass rate is 99.99% under 1:1 verification.
  • 1: N pattern recognition accuracy is high. When the face database is 5000, the false recognition rate is 1 / 10000 and the pass rate is 99.87%.
  • It takes about 20 ms for face tracking and detection, 200 ms for live detection, 150 ms for face feature extraction and 400 ms for face comparison.
  • Dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithm based on video stream is adopted.
  • It supports offline storage of 5000 face photos and recognition records.
  • Support face recognition, live photo saving.
  • Support serial port, Wigan output, output content support configuration.
  • It supports offline LAN device deployment and online HTTP transmission cloud deployment.
  • It supports IR face detection and light compensation recognition in all black environment.
  • It supports light compensation at night with the cooperation of photosensitive sensing.
  • Support external QR code scanner, ID card / IC card reader.
  • Support screen display content configuration, custom company name.
  • Support recognition distance configuration.
  • Support interface docking and customization.

Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

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    Scenarios for measuring temperature and facial recognition

Last Update : 2021-11-25
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