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ENJOY Office Chair Casters (Set of 5) (5007BUB-38)

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ENJOY Office Chair


  • Type : Swivel Caster
  • Brand name : ENJOY CASTER
  • Model Number : 5007BUB-38
  • Item Weight : 522 g
  • Package Dimensions : 17.1 x 14.6 x 5.1 cm
  • Colour : Black/Black
  • Material Type : Polyurethane
  • Manufacturer Part Number : 5007BUB-38

Key Features

  • SAFE FOR ALL FLOORS - SET OF 5 - wheel diameter of 2 inches (50mm) Polyurethane(PU) soft plastic office chair wheels. Not scratch hardwood floors and safe for all kind of floorings.
  • UNIVERSAL GRIP RING STEM SIZE: 7/16" (Φ11mm) width X 7/8" (22mm) length, fit most office chairs. Not compatible with Ikea chairs. Please make sure your shaft size firstly.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY - all of our PU casters are tested to SGS and BIFMA standard. Smoothly & Quietly Rolling: Twin wheel design & lubricated with totally new grease -- make sure smoothly and quietly rolling and won't disturb anyone around you.
  • HEAVY DUTY LOAD CAPACITY: 550lbs (250kgs) each set. All products from ENJOY CASTER made by ANSI/BIFMA X5.11 Large Occupant Office Chair Safety Standard.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - just pull out your old casters and push in our soft casters into the stem hole.

  • Product Specifications
  • Set of 5
  • Wheel Diameter: 2"(50mm)
  • Color Black
  • Material: soft polyurethane layer & nylon body
  • Grip Ring Stem: 7/16"(11mm) width X 7/8"(22mm) length
  • Note: 
    This castors are not compatible with Ikea chairs. Please make sure your stem size before placing orders.

  • Are they really soft wheels that won't scratch floors? Because they look no difference from hard plastic wheels currently on my chairs. 
    Yes, they are really soft wheels that won't scratch floors. 
    It's hard to tell soft or hard plastic wheels just from appearance. It should depend on their material. 
    The hardness of polyurethane (PU) is less than hardwood, and we use PU for the outer layer of wheels, so these wheels won't scratch hardwood floors. 

  • Is it possible to buy chair castors which are totally made of soft plastic ? 
    No. No matter what kind of office chair castors, they must use hard plastic such as nylon or Polypropylene (PP) for main wheel body. 
    It's just like the spoke wheel in bicycle wheels, which is related with capacity to support weight.
    So it will be unable to support chair's weight if casters which are totally made of soft plastic.

  • If all PU soft wheels are safe to hardwood floors, why should I choose your products ? 
    Although most of soft wheels are similar, the difference is the way to make wheels. 
    Most of PU soft wheels are made by traditional plastic injection way, and the PU layer of wheels will be easily come off after used for 2~3 years. 
    However, all PU chair wheels of ENJOY CASTER are made by new patent plastic injection procedure, which will greatly improve the adhesion between nylon body and PU layer, that's why we dare to provide 5-year warranty.
 ENJOYOther Supplier
Plastic InjectionOne-time injection→Inject PU & Nylon at the same timeTwo-time Injection→Nylon first, and then other materials
Advantages of One Time InjectionSave Production Time→Fast Delivery
Combine Two Masterials Tightly→Extend Usage Time of Casters
Usage Time5 Years1 Year
Material GradePU→Eco-friendlyUstally PVC→DIOXIN generation after waste burning
Lubricating GreaseLubricated with grease→Smooth & quiet movement?
StandardANSI/BIFMA X5.1 & X5.11?


    Soft PolyurethanePU Casters of ENJOY CASTER 50mm series

Last Update : 2019-05-16
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