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Energy magnetic field conversion bubble bag 15 g

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Key Features

Asahi  Watch Company energy magnetic field conversion bag package

  Ingredients:peach, and willows, livistona chinensis, Qi Li Xiang, and pomegranate,sterculic Lemongrass bixie, rhizoma et radix notopterygii, nine Xiong,knotweed, big leaf, cinnamon, fennel, chuanxiong flemingia, oolong tea, ciwujia,Salvia and other components.

     Features:Meridian Health feet.

    Asahiviews line < energy magnetic field conversion bubble feet package >products based consider combined qigong and health and the adjustable Yuanmultifunctional by needed herbs, for folk therapy Meridian, and bones sore linegas conditioning can help its energy operation, formula in the its citronella,and pomegranate, and Gan Lan, and Malan, and Cork, and size thistle, and smallKim Eng, and Indus, and Sophora flavescens root, and honeysuckle vine, andsnake Fructus cnidii is antibacterial on cold conditioning has help formula,formula in the Qi Li incense, and Tiger rod, and clay ox seven, and road roadpass, and thorn five added, and medlar head, and nine Xiong, and five JackPine, and Caulis spatholobi, and big leaves Jack pulled, and Dog Ridge isaching line air conditioning can help formula.

Formulaingredients added: citronella, and AI grass, and Lotus, and MO grass, and peachwood, and willow, and Zhang leaves, and Qi Li incense, and Apple Po, andpomegranate, and gourd bamboo, and Golden Shower Tree, and through all, andMulberry leaves, and mountain yellow Zhi, and Cork, and Tiger rod, and Indus,and clay ox seven, and road road pass, and thorn five added, and shansuying,and medlar head, and nine Xiong, and five Jack Pine, and Jack grass, and Caulisspatholobi, and cinnamon, and cocklebur, and Mint, and four meters grass, andsize thistle, and small Kim Eng, and Sophora flavescens root, and honeysucklevine, and snake Fructus cnidii, and tomato Dong, and big leaves Jack pulled,and dog Ridge, and Gan Lan, and Malan , And so on, and drawn taking intoaccount gives priority to local herbs, medicinal supply and price stability, sothat consumers don't have to obsess about the market value, and at least keepthe market price fluctuations, in order to facilitate market recognition.


    Puffs(1) 5 g per pack, please use the first 600 cc cold water to let the smell out, plus cold water transferred to the appropriate temperature, each pack can be used twice (2) 15 g per pack, please use 2000 cc cold water to let the smell out , Plus cold water transferred to the appropriate temperature, each bubble about 15 ~ 20 minutes, each pack can be used twice; the product foot bath people feel the spirit of the cool and feel the operation of gas. (3) not edible, broad bean disease, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, heart disease, pregnant women do not apply foot bath.

<1> Energy Magnetic Field Conversion Foot Package Weight: 15g Price: Taiwan Market Price FOB USD $ 2.41 yuan

 (1) Order 100 Pack Package USD $ 2.17 yuan per pack 

(2) 300 packs USD $ 1.93 yuan per pack (3) Order 500 Package USD $ 1.69 yuan per pack 

(4) Order 1,000 packs per pack USD $ 1.44 yuan

(5) Order 3,000 packages USD $ 1.20 yuan

(6) Order 5,000 packs USD $ 0.96 yuan per pack.

(7) Order 10,000 packs USD $ 0.84 yuan per pack.

   <2> Energy Magnetic Field Foot Package Weight: 15 g10 Price: Taiwan Market Price FOB USD $ 20.69 yuan
(1) Order 100 packs per pack USD $ 18.62 (2) Order 300 packs per pack USD $ 16.55 (3) Order 500 packs per pack USD $ 14.48 (4) Order 1,000 packs per pack USD $12.41 

(5) Order 3,000 packs per pack USD $10.34 

(6) Order 5,000 packs per pack USD $ 8.27.

 (7) Order 10,000 packs per pack USD $ 7.24.



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  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2018-08-12
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