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Emergency Cut-off Switch With Straight Lanyard

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Emergency Cut-off Switch With Straight Lanyard


  • Type : Illuminated Pushbotton Switch

Key Features

  • Description                                                           
    MGSwitches’ 2711-G series Waterproof Marine Motor Emergency Safety Switch is carefully designed to provide versatility and function. First, it can be fitted with either or both N.C. and N.O. terminals. The switch can be used to cut-off inboard motors, usually using a coil ignition system, or outboard motors which usually implement a magneto ignition system. Secondly, since the switch is commonly used on marine vehicles, we have a certified IP67 rating at the switch bushing mount, the part that will be exposed to environmental elements during normal usage. Third, for further waterproofing capability, the terminal ends can be sealed with epoxy while pre-installed wires enable easy wiring and installation. The safety clip lanyard can be securely fixed onto the switch pushbutton, while the other end is attached to the mariner. When the mariner accidentally falls off the vehicle or is at an unsafe distance from the control panel, the safety clip will be pulled off from the switch, triggering the cut-off mechanism.

  • Features  
    Modular Options:
    Terminal: 6.3x0.8 mm (.250x0.032”) QC Tab // Pre-wired with tinned UL 1015 18AWG wires (epoxy-sealed)
    IP67 Switch   Specification  
    IP rating: IP67
    Electrical Ratings (UL 1054 Recognized)
    10 A 12 Vdc
    0.4 A 450 Vdc (intermittent)

  • Function:
    Normally ON when Safety Clip is ON // Usually used for coil ignition motors
    Normally OFF when Safety Clip is ON // Usually used for magneto ignition motors

    Circuitry: SPST, SPDT
    Mounting Hole: Anti-rotation Stadium Shape Cut-Out (5/8” long with 9/16” radial ends and width)
    Each switch includes standard accessories: 2x Hex Nuts / 2x Female QC Connectors
    RoHS compliant

Product Certification

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Last Update : 2021-05-04
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