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DT85P _ power supply

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Key Features

DT85P  multifunctional diy application platform features:

● Due to the COVID-19, many students or individual studios cannot afford to buy a power supply.
     Because  in the market, the power supply is very expensive, they usually cost $ USD 100~500
● The power supplies have only a single function, can only provide limited power, and cannot be connected to solar panels
, Not suitable for battery charging

● DT85P is: cheap/multifunctional/diy application platform, user can freely change the internal main control circuit board

● DT85P features

(1) The price of DT85P is very cheap, only $ USD 6
(2) DT85P with main control circuit board only costs $ USD 10, only 6% of the cost of common power supply
(3) DT85P can be used as a power supply / or solar panel energy controller / or battery charger / or LED driver / or fan controller
(4) The internal main circuit board of DT85P can be replaced at any time, no need to buy an expensive power supply.

Other features of DT85P :

(5) DIY multi-function, user free wiring input/output

(6) Large, variable resistor (VR) can be installed, which is convenient for finger operation, instead of tiny screws that are difficult to use

(7) According to user needs, decide by yourself, use LED/LCD/TFT/OMLED... etc. display

(8) A variety of quick connectors, directly connected to various power sources/or output sides

(9) Tool-free quick connector, convenient wiring, no wiring, no other tools.

(10) Directly connect the battery through an electric clip for fast charging.

(11) Directly light up various LED lights/freely set the output voltage and current to drive the LED lights.

(12) (Input side) You can connect solar panels to charge the battery (output side).

(13) (input side) can be connected to a car cigarette lighter to charge 3C products (output side).

(14) (input side) can be connected to a mobile power supply to charge the battery or light up various DC lights (output side).

(15) Easy to replace the main circuit board (diy). Users can buy another main circuit board online (very cheap) and replace it without having to buy another (expensive) power supply.

(16) The product is light in weight and easy to carry.

(17) Fall-resistant product shell, sturdy and durable

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 10 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2021-04-09
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