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  • Type : Micrometer,Vernier Caliper

Key Features

For more discount please send mail to : js3@metrology.com.tw!!

For more discount please send mail to : js3@metrology.com.tw!!

Dial Gauges


  • DG-9003S :Dial Gages (Small Bezel Dia) 0-3mm/0.01mm Ø40mm Aluminum Body
  • DG-9004S :Dial Gages (Small Bezel Dia) 0-4mm/0.01mm Ø36mm Aluminum Body
  • DG-9005S :Dial Gages (Small Bezel Dia) 0-5mm/0.01mm Ø40mm Aluminum Body

Key Features

Dial Gauges


  • Swiss precision gear module design, accurate display, harden aluminum alloy housing, assuring durability and reliability.
  • Standard steel test tip Ø 3.175mm, harden stainless steel spindle Ø5mm h6, stem diameter Ø8mm h6, thread M2.5-6g, for all brands of metric models.
  • Shock protection structural design between spindles and stems; preventing shock waves from traveling to bearings and gears, hence insure durability.
  • Gear module movement bearings are made with Ruby, which is wear resistant, durable, anti-corrosive, and non-magnetic. Improve measuring repeatability.



Standard components

  1. Bezel locking knob

For locking bezel positions to avoid adjustment error and for convenient zero setting.

  1. Tolerance Limiter

Setting tolerance limits for fast test result readings.

  1. Dual color bezels

Both positive and negative measuring, dual color design for easy reading.

  1. Lifting cap

Lift the plunger to prevent touching the spindle which causes error with temperature.

  1. Indicator back lug

Ø5mm lug, for attaching to mechanical assembly or magnetic bases.

  1. Calibration report

All indicators pass the accuracy test according to German DIN, ISO and Japan JIS international standards. JCC certificate included.




  • Dial Gauge (Small bezel)

For measuring dimension of work pieces/ attached to machine table or setting gauge for measuring movement positions and distances.

  1. Lift cap
  2. Bezel lock
  3. Short pointer
  4. Aluminum alloy bezel
  5. Tolerance limiter
  6. Spindle
  7. Measuring tip M2.5-6g
  8. Stem
  9. Long pointer
  10. Dual color dial face

Remark: aluminum housing/ shock protection design


Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-10-30
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