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Black Dragon tea.300g

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  • Type : Green Tea
  • Packaging  : Vacuum Pack

Key Features

PineRidge Oolong Tea

Mingjianxiang old pine PineRidge, gossip and South-side elevation of about 500 meters, average temperatureis slightly higher, the remaining conditions are very suitable for growing tea.Due to geographic conditions superior, full district of soil belongs to redsoil for tea growth, and often thick fog diffuse, since Qing dynasty periodthat introduced tea planting, day rule period has extended to quite scale,Republic 64 years Chiang Ching-kuo Mr inspections pine Ling tea zhiyu, felt teaincense Yu fragrance not lost frozen top tea, special will local by produced oftea named for "pine long green tea", from tea name a life, popularboth at home and abroad, business tea technology constantly update diligencealso for full Taiwan of leader. Tea production volume can be called thenational Crown, is the most populated area tea gardens, its unique terracedterrain, climate and red soil made the most suitable environment for plantingtea.


  Black Dragon tree smaller belongs to the openshape, foliage dense, elliptical leaves, taste sweet aroma and elegant, like ahandful of sweet-scented osmanthus and Jasmine aroma. Flavor characteristicsand high mountain tea .  Unique baking,retained tea sense, both throat rhyme and save sex appearance color greenfresh, aroma elegant fragrance special light fire baking, most by welcomes ofTaiwan local tea, up people drink of oolong tea-is Taiwan first manufacturingof tea, is between tea and green tea Zhijian of a tea, belongs to halffermentation tea, taste glycol strong, color green Brown as iron also calledgreen tea.


RoastingOolong Tea

Rawmaterials used Song Bao Ling (machine cut) four seasons.

Features:strip-like, mouth slightly sweet, with a significant baking aroma.


raw material quality measurement

and heap

bake slow fire producer 8 hours. Steady water content. Add aroma

standing fire smell of evaporation. Keep the key flavor

functional assessment

packaging ˙ storage

RoastingOolong Tea

Rawmaterials used Song Paoling (hand mining) Oolong.

Features:ball with strip, into the throat first taste micro-fruit flavor, continuedconversion sweet

Suppletea, slightly cool throat.


raw material quality measurement

and heap

a baking slow fire producer 6 hours.


secondary baking slow fire producer 8 hours.


functional assessment

packaging ˙ storage

<1>Roppet Oolong Tea 300g Market price per package US $ 16.67

(1)Order Quantity 1 ~ 50 packs US $ 15.0 per package (2) Order Quantity 51 ~ 100packs US $ 13.34 per pack (3) Order Quantity 101 ~ 300 packs US $ 11.67 perpackage (4) Order Quantity 301 ~ 500 packs per package US $ 10.0 (5) OrderQuantity 501 ~ 1000 packs US $ 8.34 per package.

<2>Roppet Oolong Tea 75g Market price per package US $ 4.5

(1)Order Quantity 100 packs US $ 4.0 per package (2) Order Quantity 300 packs US $3.5 per package (3) Order Quantity 500 packs US $ 3.0 per package (4) OrderQuantity 1,000 packs per package US $ 2.5 yuan (5) order the amount of 3,000packets per package US $ 0.2 yuan.

<3>Roppet Oolong Tea 3g Market price per package US $ 0.45

(1)Order Quantity 1,000 packs US $ 0.4 per package (2) Order Quantity 3,000 packsUS $ 0.35 per pack (3) Order Quantity 5,000 packs US $ 0.3 per pack (4) OrderQuantity 10,000 packs per package US $ $ 0.25 (5) Order Quantity 50,000 packsper package US $ 2.0.


Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2018-01-20
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